Everything Programming Intermediate COBOL Basic COBOL Advanced COBOL Programming Main Page Learn about programming and prepare for certifiaction with our valuable training. Increase your technical proficiency and expertise with courses on Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform (310-025), C Programming, Relational Databases, COBOL, JES2, CICS/ESA, Electronic Commerce and MVS/ESA Press here to Purchase this Product includes all topics outlined MSRP $199.95 Sale $119.95 Learn all the topics listed below Explore our full range of programming training, new technologies and solutions from Java 2, COBOL and C Programming to JES2 and CICS/ESA. These courses also address the requirements of application developers and Web designers to prepare for their certification exams Programming Training   Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform (310-025) Introduction to Java 2 Language and Semantics Classes and Inheritance Handling Exceptions & Implementing Threads java.lang Package java.util Package Building a Graphical User Interface Applets and Imaging File I/O Advanced Java Enterprise Java Advanced Features of java.lang and java.util Packages Extending the GUI Networking Advanced Enterprise Java   C Programming Introduction to C Programming Basic C Programming Intermediate C Programming Advanced C Programming   Relational Databases Relational Database Concepts and Facilities Relational Database Concepts: The Structured Query Language Relational Database Design and Administration   COBOL Basic COBOL Intermediate COBOL Advanced COBOL   JES2 Job and Device Control I Job and Device Control II System Control I System Control II Advanced Operations I Advanced Operations II Job Controls I Job Controls II   CICS/ESA Concepts Definition and Program Design File Processing and Program Execution   Electronic Commerce Introduction to Electronic Commerce Electronic Commerce Strategies Electronic Commerce Security Issues   MVS/ESA Fundamentals of VSAM - Part One Fundamentals of VSAM - Part One VIEW DEMO To view a demo please visit our website link. To view a demo you need to visit our website and click the link. If you do not have a shockwave player it will ask you to download it. You only need the shockwave player for the online demos only, although they are the same as the product for web purposes we have configured them to play in shockwave. Shockwave is similar to a flash player and can be downloaded free from Macromedia shockwave.com Intermediate COBOL training covers such topics as: Describing Data in COBOL Tables and Arrays More COBOL Techniques The COBOL Sort/Merge Facility COBOL Functions The course is designed to extend knowledge of COBOL programming in both volume and depth. Intermediate COBOL Description This course continues from the Basic COBOL course and extends the student's knowledge of COBOL programming in both volume and depth. The course begins by thoroughly describing the seven major sections within the DATA DIVISION and the purpose of each. The student learns many of the more subtle ways to define and store data. All the major clauses available in a data Description item are discussed including numeric usages such as COMPUTATIONAL, BINARY, and PACKED-DECIMAL storage. The course continues with a more detailed description of using single and multidimensional tables and employing a formal table index. Statements associated with tables such as SET and SEARCH are covered. The student learns a number of important COBOL techniques such as creating comment lines, debugging lines, and continuing statements across source records. Additional statements such as COMPUTE, STRING, and ALTER are covered. Students learn the use of qualification of data names, MOVE CORRESPONDING, and inner/outer PERFORMs. The COBOL Sort/Merge facility is covered in detail including how to create input and output procedures for use with SORT and MERGE. There is a section on important COBOL numeric and alphanumeric functions. The course describes many of the functions in detail and shows proper techniques for setting up a function call. The course discusses interprogram communication (describing how one program may call another) and pass and return parameters. Audience Designed to extend knowledge of COBOL programming in both volume and depth Prerequisites Basic COBOL. Course Duration » 5 hours Topics Include Unit 1: Describing Data in COBOL Unit 2: Tables and Arrays Unit 3: More COBOL Techniques Unit 4: : The COBOL Sort/Merge Facility Unit 5: COBOL Functions   System Requirements » Pentium class computer » 200 MHz processor (266 MHz recommended) » 32 MB RAM (64 MB recommended) » CD-ROM drive » Any one of Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT 4.0, or Windows 2000 (both Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 require at least 64 MB RAM) » SVGA monitor capable of 16-bit color and 800 x 600 screen resolution » Sound card with speakers or headphones (optional) Features • Industry-leading Technology - CCI's Learning Object Framework enables the design and development of flexible, self-contained learning modules for a personalized training experience • Award-winning Products - eSchool Solutions create anywhere, anytime learning environments that boost productivity with their off-the-shelf courseware or fully customized content. • Powerful Training Solutions - Highly adaptable and customized e-learning models and instructional design tailored to the diverse needs of the training industry, delivered in a packaged CD or on the Web. • Satisfied Clients - With a solid reputation for quality products and bottom-line results, CCI's e-learning solutions have been adopted by diverse organizations including Royal Bank, Thomson Publishing, IBM, Paradyne Corporation, InfoCast Corporation, GE, Delta Environmental, HighTech Campus, California Federal Bank, CIBC and many others. 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