QuickStart! - Adobe After Effects CS5.5

After Effects CS 5.5 is the newest version of the popular film and television special effects application. In this VTC QuickStart! course, professional illustrator, television animation art director, and writer Dwayne Ferguson will take you on a tour of several new features in Adobe After Effects CS 5.5. You will learn about the new Camera Lens Blur, Light Falloff, Warp Stabilizer, and much more. Click on the movie links below to get started today!

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Steinberg Cubase 6

Steinberg's Cubase 6 is the latest update to the extremely popular professional digital audio workstation music software. In this course, author Mark Struthers will demonstrate how to make initial input and output connections to the program from the soundcard before examining routing in more detail. Additionally, insert and group effects are explored to help show how to enhance recorded audio tracks. Mark will walk you through the many-featured project window before showing you how to create and save your own project. Within the Cubase workflow, important terms such as clips, events, and parts are explained along with the distinction between lanes and tracks. Mark also covers insert and send effects, quantization, time stretch, and the Media Bay. Cubase comes equipped with VST instruments and, in particular, Groove Agent One and Halion Sonic SE are explored before working through the concepts behind a final mix and export to a finished audio track. Click the movie links below to get started now!

Pixologic ZBrush 4

ZBrush 4 builds on the already massively popular core features of ZBrush to add many powerful new sculpting and painting features and several new time-saving plugins. The main theme of this new release from Pixologic is hard surface sculpting using new features like the clipping, planar, trim, and polish brushes. Taught in a comprehensive but easy-to-follow manner by successful artist Jason Maranto, this course will give you a rock solid foundation on which to build your ZBrush projects. Primarily focusing on workflow concepts and tools for integrating ZBrush into your existing pipeline, this unique series is designed to remove the intimidation of the ZBrush user interface and unleash its power for both new and established 3D artists alike. Get started now by clicking the movie links below!

FL Studio 10

Version 10 is the game changer that FL Studio users have been waiting for. This new version builds on the long tradition of FL Studio excellence while bringing meaningful new tools to the platform. In this VTC course, author Sam McGuire helps FL Studio users navigate the FL Studio application, focusing on real-world workflow and example projects. In addition to discussing the basic FL Studio interface and functionality, Sam will delve into the exciting new Pitcher and Newtone plugins. Building on the FL Studio 9 course, this new material is designed to sharpen your skills and provide the means to be a master user of the software. Work Files are included. Click on the movie links below to get started now!

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 (Exam 70-667)

Microsoft's SharePoint Server product has done what few products can do in recent years---attract millions of new users year after year. You will find SharePoint Server being used in some manner in most organizations. The newest release, SharePoint 2010, pushes the ante even higher. Achieving certification on the latest SharePoint platform could be a key component in expanding your career. In this course, Mark Long helps you prepare for the Microsoft Certification exam 70-667 that deals with SharePoint 2010 Configuration. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links!

QuickStart! - Adobe Premiere CS5.5

This VTC QuickStart! course introduces you to the new features that were added to the recent update of Adobe's Premiere Pro CS5 to its half incremental release Premiere Pro CS5.5. The goal of this course is to contrast working methods that have been improved, or at least have changed, between CS5 and CS5.5. The course not only examines improvements such as keyframing and merging clips, the improved Adobe Media Encoder, and new film effects, but it also also looks at the integration of Premiere Pro CS5.5 with Adobe Story and Adobe Audition CS5.5. By using the provided HD-shot film clips, the user will be able to work along with author Mark Struthers as he illuminates the new features while highlighting tips and tricks along the way.

* VTC QuickStart! and MasterClass! courses are available only to registered VTC Online University members.

WordPress 3.1 for Designers

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems so it's important for web designers to offer WordPress services. This VTC course will help you understand how the software works and, in particular, how themes are made. WordPress themes control both the look and many of the functions of a website, so you need to know how to work with theme files. Author George Plumley will demonstrate how to implement your designs in a theme or convert an existing site into a theme. Customizing theme functionality for each client is also important and you'll learn to create page templates. You will also learn how to use plugins to provide clients with key functionality, such as forms, social media, photo management, and even e-commerce. Click on the movie links below to get started today!

Joomla! 1.6

In this VTC course, you will learn all about Joomla, an amazing open source content management system. With Joomla you can create and maintain a website from anywhere, at anytime, without having to worry about computer software. Author Melanie Hedgespeth will show you how to install Joomla, manage your website, work with users who have a variety of permissions, and add a variety of extensions. Get started now by clicking the movie links below!

QuickStart! - Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5

Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5 boasts some impressive new features, especially when it comes to developing content for mobile platforms. In QuickStart! - Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5 you'll not only learn about many of the great new features now available, like Code Snippets for AIR and mobile, publishing for iOS and Android, and how to resize your content for a variety of screen sizes, but you'll also learn how to build a layout from complete scratch in Adobe Illustrator, and some efficient techinques for moving it over to the Flash developing environment!

* VTC QuickStart! and MasterClass! courses are available only to registered VTC Online University members.

Microsoft Project 2010

Project managers are often responsible for the success (or failure) of a project. They are in charge of many critical activities such as building the schedule and tracking project resources, time, and cost. Microsoft Project 2010 supports these project management activities and more. In this VTC course, you will learn the basic functionalities of using Microsoft Project 2010 including: how to start a project and set up the project environment; how to create a work breakdown structure using Microsoft Project; how to manage tasks, resources, and costs; how to track progress and generate reports. You will also learn about several new and exciting features available in Project 2010, including an upgraded interface, the timeline view, and user-controlled scheduling. Click on the movie links below to get started today!

QuickStart! - Adobe Bridge CS5

Adobe Bridge CS5 is the link between Adobe Creative Suite programs. It allows the user to adapt the default workspaces before importing video, sound, or image files. Throughout this VTC QuickStart! guide to the program, you will be shown how to access your various files from within the Bridge interface before progressing to options such as rating and labeling for quick searching. The course then illustrates how to use metadata to help accelerate the search and catalogue process. Important elements of Bridge CS5 such as keywording, stacking images, and using collections are also covered. You will also learn how to output your files as a PDF document or as a web gallery. The course concludes with a look at differences between Bridge CS5 and Lightroom 3 whilst also considering the use of Mini Bridge in other Adobe programs such as InDesign CS5 and Photoshop CS5. Click the movie links below to get started.

* VTC QuickStart! and MasterClass! courses are available only to registered VTC Online University members.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 9

Photoshop Elements 9 is often described as the best $99 you can spend as a photographer. The power of its functions, yet ease of use, make it a tremendous tool for correcting images and making image-based projects. Phil Hawkins, an award-winning photographer from Fresno, CA will take you through not only the complete explanation of how everything works, but the basics of digital imaging theory and digital camera operation. Additionally, Phil offers lessons on how to shoot better portraits and landscape images all in an effort to make you the best photographer you can be and to take those shots and display or distribute them putting your best foot forward. Three courses in one! To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.