Programming with Alice

Alice is a 3-D programming language that makes it easy to create an animation for creating applications, telling a story, or playing an interactive game. Alice is a teaching tool for introductory computing. It uses 3D graphics and a drag-and-drop interface to facilitate a more engaging, less frustrating first programming experience. This course by Arthur Lee assumes no prior programming background and uses a building block approach beginning with simple Alice features and examples while gradually introducing more complex features. Sample programs are provided to be referenced by the user to enhance their learning experience. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.

Microsoft ASP.NET 3.5

Microsoft's ASP.NET is a free technology that provides programmers with the tools to create dynamic web applications. ASP.NET can be used to create solutions ranging from small, personal websites to enterprise-level web applications and web services. In this course, Microsoft Certified Trainer Mark Long teaches you the basics of ASP.NET 3.5 and show you how to use Microsoft's free Visual Web Developer to create your own ASP.NET 3.5 web applications. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.

Google SketchUp

Google SketchUp is a versatile 3D modeling software that is used the world over for illustration, industrial design, architectural design, and much more. It's perfect for quickly "sketching" an idea in 3D but also equally well-suited for precision final modeling, SketchUp has well earned its popularity. This comprehensive course, taught by long-time illustrator Jason Maranto, is designed so that users with little to no 3D experience can jump right in and start creating with minimum confusion and maximum satisfaction. Example work files and an examination of SketchUp's role in the larger 3D world makes this a course that even seasoned SketchUp users can learn much from as well. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.

FileMaker Pro 11: Beginner

FileMaker Pro is powerful enough to handle most database jobs yet easy enough to create simple solutions in minutes. This practical "how to" course by FileMaker expert John Mark Osborne, starts from beginner level and uses a single invoicing example to demonstrate all the features in FileMaker Pro 7, 8, 8.5, 9, 10 and 11 including field creation, finding, sorting, layout mode, container fields, auto-entry, validation, printing, scripts, calculations, importing, exporting, interface design and new FIleMaker Pro 11 features including charting, snapshot links and the inspector. Examples of the invoice file are provided at every stage of the creation process so the user can easily review one section without starting from the beginning.

FL Studio 9

FL Studio 9 is the latest version of the popular audio/MIDI workstation. Version 9 introduces exciting new features and numerous bug fixes. These new features continue FL Studio's assault on the domination of applications such as ProTools and Logic. In this VTC course, author Sam McGuire helps FL Studio users navigate the FL Studio application, focusing on the new features in FL Studio XXL Bundle. The course is based on work flows you would find in the real world and not simply a list of definitions of tools and functions. Using FL Studio to create music is the goal, and this course helps users create a seamless and transparent environment. Continuing on the FL Studio 8 course, this new material is designed to sharpen your skills and provide the means to be a master user of the software. Work Files are included. To begin learning FL Studio 9 today, simply click on one of the movie links.

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Administration

In SQL Server 2008 Administration, Microsoft Certified Trainer Mark Long helps you understand the installation and administrative functions of Microsoft's SQL Server 2008. SQL Server 2008 delivers on Microsoft's Data Platform vision by helping your organization manage any data, any place, any time. SQL Server 2008 delivers a rich set of integrated services that enable you to do more with your data such as query, search, synchronize, report, and analyze. It is the third largest market share data base product in the world. SQL Server 2008 reduces time and cost of management and development of application while providing a comprehensive platform that delivers intelligence where your users want it. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.

QuickStart! - iPlotz

iPlotz is a comprehensive wireframing, collaboration, and task management tool developed by VTC. Wireframing is a way to develop the layout and functionality of a website or application before starting any design work. A wireframe can be presented to clients, or potential clients, without any distractions from colors, graphics, or anything else. Locking down the layout first before working on any graphics or content can save huge amounts of time and money. Doing this eliminates the waste of redesigning things later, just because your layout has changed.

In this course, VTC author Rick Martin guides you through the entire iPlotz application. Starting with the iPlotz website, Rick explains iPlotz pricing, the signup process, and how to use the help system and forum to their full potential. He then details the iPlotz Desktop installation process and the differences between the desktop and online versions. He continues with an in-depth journey through project management and using the iPlotz tools and features before concluding with information on collaboration and wireframe sharing.

* VTC QuickStart! courses are available only to registered VTC Online University members.

Autodesk Revit MEP 2010

Autodesk Revit MEP software's modeling and layout tools enable you to create mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems more accurately and with greater ease. Architects, structural engineers, and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineers can more effectively collaborate and interact based on workflow and project requirements. VTC author, Temesgen Hussein, introduces viewers to the MEP engineering workflow, initially demonstrating how to effectively modify views and execute common tasks. Learn how to add mechanical equipment, create piping systems, automatically and manually layout and inspect piping, add valves, define required lighting, create color fills, place light fixtures and much, much more. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.

Adobe ColdFusion 8

Adobe ColdFusion 8 is a powerful platform-independent server-side technology used to create database-driven applications. Built into ColdFusion is an application server, the ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML), and enterprise services. ColdFusion is platform and web server independent, so it can be run with any type of web server, on any desktop operating system, and includes a JRUN web server that can be used for development purposes. ColdFusion has been reworked from the ground up in this version, offering significantly enhanced performance compared to previous versions. Work files are included. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.

Linux Professional Institute Certification Level 1 2009

Linux is the most important operating system on the Internet. It's recognized everywhere as the cost-effective way to operate all kinds of servers. With the support of powerhouses like IBM, Dell, HP, and Sun, demand for Linux servers is growing. This course can help you pass the LPI Level 1 Certification exams from the Linux Professional Institute. Once you earn this certification, you'll have joined an elite group of Linux professionals. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.

Adobe Photoshop CS4 for the Web

Photoshop, the de facto graphics application in the world of print design, turns its sights on web design! In this course, Geoff Blake will demonstrate many practical and useful techniques for working with Photoshop in a web design capacity. You'll learn the fundamentals of web design, including HTML and CSS basics, the challenges of web browsers, and how monitor resolution affects design. Geoff will also demonstrate how to coordinate Photoshop and Dreamweaver so that you can edit layout images in Photoshop. You'll master Photoshop selections, how to use layers to organize your layouts, and how color works in an online environment. Finally, you'll construct an entire layout from scratch in Photoshop and discover techniques for exporting it for online use. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.

Objective-C and Xcode Essential Training

Objective-C is a fun and exciting language to program with. It is also the de-facto language used to program on the Mac, iPod, iPhone and iPad. This course focuses on the Objective-C language and building simple applications for the desktop. Many Objective-C classes and development techniques are explored. Whether you are wanting to build applications for the desktop or the mobile devices, this is the first step and it will get you started on the path to becoming a Cocoa programmer! Work files are included. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.