Novell ZENworks Desktop Management 7

Novell ZENworks Desktop Management 7 is a policy-driven application and workstation management infrastructure. Using ZDM7 will allow you to configure workstations to comply with corporate policies, and also allow you to distribute applications to these workstations from a central management console, saving you time and money and enhancing your overall network productivity. In this course from VTC, you will explore the options available for application and workstation managment, and learn how best to leverage the Novell ZENworks Desktop Management 7 product in your environment. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.

QuickStart! - Apple Final Cut Express 4

In this course, VTC author, Brian Culp gets users up and running with Apple Final Cut Express 4. To begin learning today, simply click on one of the QuickStart! Apple Final Express 4 movie links.

* VTC QuickStart! courses are available only to registered VTC Online University members.

MasterClass! - ActionScript 3 & Payment Gateway APIs

* VTC MasterClass! courses are available only to registered VTC Online University members.

Joomla! 1.5

In this VTC course on Joomla!, Melanie Hedgespeth will show you the ropes of this dynamic open source website design and content management system. This excellent no-cost web tool allows you to easily work with outside authors and site users, make polls, install templates and much more. With its ability to organize data and graphics easily, Joomla! makes it simple to create and maintain an excellent user-friendly site. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.

QuickStart! - MIDI Fundamentals

MIDI is a powerful tool in the audio professional's tool kit. From creating demos to orchestrating movie scores, MIDI is used in every recording studio around the world. Much like the paper in a player piano, it is used to control the performance of virtual instruments. Author Sam McGuire takes you from the very beginning of MIDI and introduces the basic concepts needed to use MIDI for a variety of tasks. While Logic Studio is used as a basis for the exploration of MIDI, other sequencers are introduced and topics are principle based so that you will be able to work with MIDI on a number of different software workstations.

* VTC QuickStart! courses are available only to registered VTC Online University members.

Microsoft Exchange 2007

For most businesses, e-mail is the most crucial communications tool. Microsoft Exchange 2007 provides new features and architecture to provide more than just e-mail functionality. Exchange 2007 includes a new architecture designed to address the requirements of business communication in the Internet age along with the need for information collaboration. In this course, Mark Long introduces you to the latest version of Microsoft's Exchange product and shows you how to take advantage of many of the new features and architecture to provide scalable, secure communication within your organization. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links

Introduction to Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

Software developers need a solid environment to work in that will help bring their applications to life. And collaboration is more important than ever before, as today's development projects expand in complexity and scope. The Visual Studio development system is a comprehensive suite of tools designed to help software developers create innovative, next-gen applications. VTC veteran author Mark Long will introduce you to the Visual Studio 2008 development environment. Helping you get started developing useful and expandable next-gen applications. To begin learning today, simply click the links.

MasterClass! - Adobe LiveCycle Designer

PDF-based forms created in Adobe LiveCycle designer provide a robust method for distributing electronic forms while maintaining design integrity. Discover the tools, commands, and palettes that LiveCycle offers that makes form creation easy. Learn how to create common form objects like text fields, check boxes, and drop down menus as well as how to work with pre-created form objects. Then follow along and see how easy LiveCycle makes it to format a form's overall look and design. Finally, create buttons to control your form and learn how to manage back-end form data. Work Files are included. To begin learning, simply click on one of the video topics.

* VTC MasterClass! courses are available only to registered VTC Online University members.

GIMP 2.6

This VTC course provides an overview of the leading free and open-source image editing suite, GIMP. GIMP is a very powerful tool available across many major operating systems and sometimes included with the operating system itself. Learning to use this software can be intimidating, but with this video series, you will evolve from newbie to experienced user very quickly. James Street paves the way for you to learn all about: the GIMP Interface, Selections, Painting, Layers, Filters, and much more! To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.

Adobe AIR & PHP Development

Adobe AIR is a cross-platform, lightweight deployment environment based on Adobe's Flash Player. It combines the expressiveness of Flash with the familiarity and features of traditional desktop applications. Combined with the server-side power and flexibility of PHP, Adobe AIR applications are redefining Rich Internet Application (RIA) development. This course, by seasoned Flex/AIR and PHP integration specialist Richard Bates, is designed for PHP developers at all skill levels. Viewers will learn AIR fundamentals and advanced integration techniques using real-world applications and common feature-set requirements. Work files are included. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.

Game Design: Character Development 1

This course was specifically designed to help demonstrate the many tools and techniques used within the 3D game and film industry in regards to character creation. The course begins with the very basics of setting ideal preference settings and creating a customized tool shelf for fast and efficient workflow. Author and 3D expert Michael Ingrassia then takes users through the very basic techniques of box modeling, UV layout and traditional texture map creation using Maya and Photoshop software. As the lessons progress, Michael begins to demonstrate much more advanced tools and techniques. Finally, he pushes Maya and Zbrush to it's breaking point generating a final character sculpted mesh to 33 million polygons before exporting the necessary maps and finalizing the low poly mesh back into Maya for exporting into a game engine. The various tools and techniques demonstrated here will certainly be beneficial to beginners as well as seasoned professionals alike. And his Zbrush texturing lessons alone make these videos worth the price. A DVD containing work files is included. To begin learning today, simply click on one of the movie links.

Assembly Language Programming

The Assembly Language course is intended for those who wish to write assembly for both Windows and Linux. It uses the freely available NASM assembler, which is feature-complete and produces object code in a variety of formats. The predominant CPUs today use the Intel instruction set, and all examples in the course use that instruction set. The course covers the background information necessary for assembly programming and it covers the forms programs must take to operate in the systems. Some time is spent with low-level I/O, but many of the examples interface with C mainline programs. The emphasis of the course is in writing assembly language functions that can be called from higher level languages. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.

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