FileMaker Pro 8: Expert

FileMaker Pro is powerful enough to handle most database jobs yet easy enough to create simple solutions in minutes. This practical "how to" course by FileMaker expert John Mark Osborne, starts from an expert level and uses a calendar example to demonstrate FileMaker Pro theta join relationships, complex calculations and sophisticated scripting techniques. Moreover, relationships, calculations, scripts and other features are combined to show the true power of a FileMaker solution. Even if you don't want to create a calendar, this tutorial will teach you techniques you can use in any solution. Examples of the calendar file are provided at every stage of the creation process, so the user can easily review one section without starting from the beginning. To begin learning more, simply click on one of the FileMaker Pro 8: Expert movie links.

* Most techniques used in these videos are applicable to both FileMaker 7 and 8 (including 8.5). Substitute techniques for FileMaker 7 users will be discussed when necessary.

Sony Acid Pro 6

Sony Acid Pro 6 has become the favorite loop-based music creation tool for millions of musicians world-wide. It provides all of the tools of a full featured professional music workstation: Loop based music creation, multitrack audio and midi recording, mixing and editing, professional effects, Soft Synth / MIDI support, exclusive quantization, professional automation workflow tools and more. Acid Pro 6 includes a custom edition of Native Instruments KOMPAKT. This full featured VSTi sample playback engine ships with over 120 additional instruments. VTC Author and Musician - Robert Correll covers all aspects of the Acid Pro software from installation, navigating the interface, music creation, mixing and publishing as well as using the KOMPAKT plug-in. To get started learning Acid Pro 6, click on one of the links below.

Macromedia Flash 8 Fundamentals

Macromedia Flash 8 has continued the application's trend of being the industry standard tool for developing animation and rich media content for internet delivery. In this tutorial, VTC author Rick Martin starts from the ground up and gives you a solid foundation in the fundamentals of Flash 8. He covers general concepts such as Flash movie architecture and animation basics and guidelines, as well as more specific topics like getting the most out of the Flash tools and panels. Along the way he includes drawing and compositing, importing bitmaps, video and sound, as well as a section on ActionScript that shows you how to use easy-to-understand scripts to bring your Flash presentations to life. By the end of the tutorial, he starts you down the path to eventually becoming a fully fledged Flash developer. To begin learning Macromedia Flash 8 Fundamentals today, simply click on one of the movie links below.

Mac OS X Dashboard

Dashboard provides instant access to widgets (mini-applications) that "float" over the desktop. These widgets provide simple functionality such as a calculator or clock; interaction with data from iTunes, the Address Book or other local apps; and interaction across the Web to get weather reports, stock quotes, etc. This course provides an introduction to Dashboard and you will learn how to create your own widgets. VTC author Jesse Feiler guides you through the steps to build a time clock widget to track your time and export it to a TextEdit document. To begin learning simply click the links.

Macromedia RoboHelp X5

Applications today have become sophisticated to an extent that a Help system is required for an average user to understand them. Macromedia RoboHelp is the fastest, easiest way to create professional Help systems and documentation for desktop and web-based applications, including .NET and Rich Internet Applications. Create Help systems that include Help topics, Table of Contents, Index, Glossary, context-sensitive Help, and more. Generate Help systems in any popular online Help format, plus press-ready printed documentation. VTC author, Eric Butow, teaches users the various types of projects that can be created using RoboHelp, component and design requirements for creating a fully functional Help system, how to convert an HTML Help project into different Help formats from a single source, and much, much more! To begin learning Macromedia RoboHelp X5 today, simply click on one of the movie links below.

AppleScript 2006

AppleScript is an easy-to-use scripting language that allows you to control applications on a Macintosh. With AppleScript, you can speed up processes, reduce user error, and ensure consistency. It also enables automated workflow and routine tasks, unattended operation 24 hours a day, and even cross-platform scripting. Author Ben Waldie carefully explains all of these capabilities and more of this updated version of AppleScript. To begin learning today, simply click on the links.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0

Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0 is the consumer version of Adobe's professional-level graphics program, Adobe Photoshop. Powerful and flexible, Photoshop Elements adjusts to your level of expertise and ability. Quickly fix photos with the easy-to-use tools in the Quick Fix mode or switch to the Standard Edit mode to have all the tools at your disposal. Become a digital artist, optimize images for the Web, or create vast panoramas. Use the Photo Organizer to catalog your photo collection, print or order copies, create slide shows, album pages, greeting cards, calendars, and more. The sample pictures the author uses to illustrate his examples are included so you can follow along with him. To begin learning Photoshop Elements 4.0 today, simply click on one of the movie links.

Adobe After Effects 7 - Rock Solid Foundation

Adobe After Effects 7 is the world leading application for motion graphics, hands down. You've seen work created in it for both film and television and been amazed by the quality of effects it can create. This amazing training series will get you up to speed with this industry standard program faster and more thoroughly than you could ever imagine! Chad Perkins is an expert in After Effects with years of experience teaching beginners how to quickly get up to speed creating amazing graphics with this useful and fun application. Chad has a very energetic and humorous teaching style that will not only get you a rock solid foundation with After Effects, but will also keep you entertained the entire time. Also, as a special bonus, included with this training package are work files, sample After Effects projects, tons of 3rd party plugin demos, and even some full version non-demo plugins, including a full version of Red Giant Software's Knoll Light Factory LE, which by itself has a retail value of $199!

Apple Logic Pro 7

This VTC course will help students create their own music using Logic Pro 7 and its vast array of software instruments, Apple Loops and effects. Learn to create a customized audio and MIDI configuration that will seamlessly integrate with any personal production studio. In depth lessons will cover MIDI and audio recording, streamlined editing and arrangement techniques, user defined key commands, automation, scoring to picture and surround mixing. This class is designed for those that want to learn music production and composition using Logic Pro. To being learning Logic Pro 7 today, simply click on one of the movie links.

Introduction To Computer Forensics

Computer forensics is a new and exiting field that is gaining popularity. Because of the complexity and legal boundaries, few truly understand what skills are required to be an effective computer forensics technician. VTC author's Bobby Rogers and Brad Causey take you step by step through the entire investigative process, explaining all the details that an investigator would have to know. To begin learning today simply click on one of the links.

Linux Professional Institute: Level 1

Understanding the Linux operating system is absolutely essential to any IT professional who wishes to add breadth to their resume. Linux has placed itself, strategically, all around us, and understanding the basic and inner workings of it can prove extremely valuable. VTC authors Brad Causey and Bobby Rogers will take you though the basics of Linux with the LPI 101 course, explaining each piece step-by-step. To begin learning, simply click on the links.

Search Engine Optimization 2006

The Internet provides a tremendous opportunity to reach potential customers on a worldwide level, faster and easier than has ever been possible before. There are over 1 billion people online throughout the world today, and this number is growing larger every day at an unprecedented rate. With this many people online, it's no surprise that the amount of search engine traffic throughout the world is staggering. The choices offered online, in terms of quantity and quality of websites, is also tremendous. It's easy to get lost in the crowd and many new websites have failed because of poor search engine optimization.

VTC Author James Gonzalez is here to help you rise above the web noise and get noticed. From keyword placement to the best utilization of code, learn important tips you must know as well as common mistakes you must avoid, to be noticed on the web. To begin learning today, simply click on one of the Search Engine Optimization movie links.