Apple DVD Studio Pro 4

Tap into the advanced authoring toolset of Apple DVD Studio Pro 4 to create everything from DVD dailies, to highly interactive commercial titles in both SD and HD. VTC author, Nathan Haggard, shows how to get the most of the application's sophisticated design tools, templates, and transitions, offering unparalleled creative freedom. High end features and integration with graphic programs allow for unlimited customization. Pre-built templates and artwork allows one to easily create a professional DVD in minutes. To begin learning Apple DVD Studio Pro 4 today, simply click on one of the lessons below.

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (70-297)

Microsoft network infrastructures can grow to become very large and complex. To master the design of network infrastructures, you will need the ability to understand and engineer complex customer needs and requirements. This course will carry you though the process of understanding and designing a Microsoft Server 2003 Active Directory and Network infrastructure. VTC Author Brad Causey gives a detailed guide of Active DIrectory, from concepts through practical applications, to help you prepare for the 70-297 certification exam. To begin learning simply click on the links.


Instructor, Steve Holzner, teaches you VBScript, the powerful scripting language that comes built into Internet Explorer. Learn to use VBScript code to change web pages on the fly, check data before it's sent to the server, or perform calculations behind the scenes. Make web pages come alive by handling the data the user enters into controls like text fields, list boxes, and dialog boxes. VBScript it also the language used in Active Server Pages (ASP), using such servers as the Internet Information Server (IIS) or Microsoft's Personal Web Server (PWS). Using VBScript in ASP, you can execute your own code on the server, putting together web pages in real time to send back to the browser. To being learning today, simple click on one of the VBScript lessons.

Sony Vegas 6

Sony Vegas 6 is a comprehensive video and production system that features native real-time SD, DV, and HDV editing. Vegas doesn't care what format your video or audio is in. If you can capture it or record it, you can place it on the timeline and Vegas will take care of the rest. Add unrivaled audio tools, a sensible, visual approach to digital production, outrageous power and lightning speed, and you get productivity to the MAX with this elegant, efficient digital audio and video solution. VTC author, David Ludwig, demonstrates how to get the most out of Vegas through project examples. Learn how to customize your workspace, import, edit, and export media, hone compositing and color correction skills, and much more. To begin learning today, simply click on one of the Sony Vegas 6 links.

MCDST Certification

The Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician (MCDST) certification will get you started in your IT career by ensuring you have the skills to successfully troubleshoot desktop environments running on the Microsoft Windows operating system. VTC Certified author Bill Ferguson gives a thorough and comprehensive guide to MCDST that will help you pass the test and start or advance your IT career. To begin learning today, simply click on the links.

MCSE 2003 Core Objectives Bundle

Get in-depth training and practice with the skills measured by the core exams for MCSE certification for Windows Server 2003-all in one bundle! Covering Exams 70-290, 70-291, 70-293, and 70-294, these tutorials provide in-depth, self-paced training, and exam tips from exam-certified authors. The tutorials provide real-world scenarios, case study examples, and troubleshooting skills you can apply to the job.


Blogging! Although in 1999 there were fewer than 100 weblogs known to be in existence, nowadays one is hard-pressed to miss a blog anywhere on the Internet. In this VTC tutorial, master instructor, Tim Warner, presents a comprehensive introduction to the world of blogging. From the history of blogging, to an overview of relevant terminology, to an in-depth consideration of three major blog-creation services, Warner leaves no stone unturned and focuses his instruction on learners of all ability levels. By the conclusion of these lessons the learner will be fully equipped to enter the blogosphere and join the enlightened league of webloggers! To begin learning today, simply click on one of the Blogging lessons.

CompTIA i-Net+ Certification

VTC's CompTIA i-Net+ Certification is intended for users who are interested in pursuing Internet-related careers and provides information required to prepare for the CompTIA i-Net+ certification. The CompTIA i-Net+ certification validates the knowledge of technical and non-technical professionals with at least six months experience in Internet, Intranet, Extranet and E-commerce technologies. i-Net+ is a lifetime certification; therefore, you do not have to upgrade the certification later in order to maintain your credentials. This tutorial, by VTC author Richard Watson, provides information that covers the following objectives: Internet basics and clients, development, networking, security and buisness concepts. To begin learning today simply click on the links.

Poser 5

Poser is a 3d-character animation and design tool for digital artists and animators. From an included collection of human and animal models and props, this program enables you to create movies, images, and posed 3D figures. With Virtual Training Company's Poser 5 tutorial, this application becomes easy for any user, artist, or animator to master. Author Dwayne Ferguson starts with the basics of Poser and then takes you further using various case and animation studies. Work Files are included. To being learning today, simply click on one of the Poser 5 lessons.

Apple Final Cut Pro 5

An industry standard, Final Cut Pro 5 delivers powerful and precise editing tools that work with virtually any format, from DV and native HDV to fully uncompressed HD. With multicam editing tools, advanced color correction and intuitive audio mixing, Final Cut Pro gives you more creative options and technical control than ever before. Whether you are editing a home video, or the next film that will take the independent world by storm, Final Cut Pro is the program to use. This tutorial will walk you through capturing your own video and setting up your projects, all the way through learning about high definition formats, color correction, effects and final output. All laid out in an easy to follow format. This course will get you up and editing in no time! To begin learning today, simply click on one of the Apple Final Cut Pro 5 lessons.

PHP Programming: The Basics

In Real World PHP Programming: The Basics, VTC Author Mike Morton introduces PHP programming in a fashion that is immediately applicable to experienced programmers, and new programmers alike. This programming title does not focus on getting certified in PHP, but rather focuses on the application of PHP in everyday programming, including the proper terminology as well as learning PHP slang. Starting with the absolute basics of PHP types and statements, Mike progresses you through conditional and loops, MySQL, and into advanced topics such as functions and session management. With working examples, and application of what you are learning shown throughout, Mike makes learning PHP an easy and enjoyable endeavour. To begin learning today simply click on one of the links.

Implementing & Managing Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 (70-284)

Microsoft's Exchange 2003 is one of the premier enterprise email and collaberation platforms available. In this course, instructor Mark Long walks you through a thorough tour of how Exchange works, how to install it and how to manage it. This course is especially designed to help in the preparation for Microsoft's Exchange certification exam 70-284 Implementing and Managing Microsoft Exchange 2003. To begin learning, simply click on on the links.