Macromedia Director MX 2004

Macromedia Director MX 2004 is the proven multimedia tool for building rich content and applications for delivery via CD, DVD, and the Internet. Director MX 2004 offers many powerful new features, including two scripting languages, DVD-Video support, cross-platform publishing, and Flash MX 2004 integration. VTC author, Brian Maxx, details how users can work effectively and efficiently within Director MX 2004. He demonstrates how users can integrate Director MX 2004 with other image editing applications, such as Flash MX 2004 and Fireworks MX 2004. Project planning, brainstorming, and integration are covered in great detail as he guides users from start to finish on a complete project. Work files are included with this tutorial. To get started today, simply click on one of the Macromedia Director MX 2004 lessons.

Search Engine Optimization

The Internet provides a tremendous opportunity to reach potential customers on a worldwide level, faster and easier than has ever been possible before. There are over 390 million people online throughout the world today, and this number is growing larger every day at an unprecedented rate. With this many people online, it's no surprise that the amount of search engine traffic throughout the world is staggering. The choices offered online, in terms of quantity and quality of websites, is also tremendous. It's easy to get lost in the crowd and many new websites have failed because of poor search engine optimization.

VTC Author James Gonzalez is here to help you rise above the web noise and get noticed. From keyword placement to the best utilization of code, learn important tips you must know as well as common mistakes you must avoid, to be noticed on the web. To begin learning today, simply click on one of the Search Engine Optimization movie links.

Microsoft Visual Basic for Access 2002

Microsoft Visual Basic for Access 2002 is actually the language used to build Microsoft applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. In this Virtual Training Company tutorial, author Mark Long teaches you how to use Visual Basic for Access to build and publish your own programs. He teaches you the concept of event programming, code control structures, variables, constants, and much more. To get started today, simply click on one of the Visual Basic for Access 2002 lessons.

discreet combustion

Discreet combustion 3 is an exciting program that offers the creative tools, speed and interactivity that professionals need and artists crave. Paint, animation, editing and 3D compositing are combined in an integrated environment based on Discreet's legendary user interface. VTC author Dwayne Ferguson shows you step by step, how to get the most out of this powerful software. Learn animation, 3D compositing, particle application and much more. To get started today, simply click on one of the combustion lessons.

Java 2: Graphics

Java is a simple, scalable object oriented, general purpose programming language with a multitude of uses. With the power to develop everything from simple graphics and web animations, to high-end business applications that program hand-held devices, microwaves, cross platform server applications and more, it's no wonder why Java is on everyone's mind. In this, the second in a series of Java courses offered by VTC, Java expert, Arthur Griffith, uses practical examples to demonstrate Java programming as it applies to the creation and manipulation of graphic objects. The source code is also provided, so the user can follow right along. To begin learning learning today, simply click on one of the Java 2: Graphics lessons.

Microsoft Word 2003

With Microsoft Word 2003 you can do a whole lot more than just create a simple text document or write a letter. You can do everything from creating colorful brochures and printing envelopes to writing your resume and designing a web page. In this VTC tutorial, author Laurie Fuller will guide you through the basic steps of creating and editing documents. You will learn how to add tables and graphics, as well as format and change style types. Once you master the basics, you can learn other features of Word 2003, such as merging letters and addresses for mass mailings or integration with Excel. To begin learning today, simply click on one of the Word 2003 lessons.

Macromedia Contribute 2

Macromedia Contribute 2 allows users and groups to update, create, and publish content to any existing website within seconds. All without knowing HTML! At the same time, Contribute 2 offers web professionals the control needed to lock down site design, layout and code. VTC author, John Kuhlman, demonstrates how to customize Contribute 2, create connections, build and edit web content, create links and tables, use templates, and administer a website. New Contribute 2 features such as FlashPaper and PayPal E-Commerce are also discussed. Save time and money by updating website content yourself. This tutorial shows how to put Contribute 2 to work for you! To begin learning today, simply click on one of the Contribute 2 lessons.

Microsoft Access 2003

Microsoft Access 2003 now makes it easier for anyone to use, or create powerful database solutions to help organize, access, and share data, in no time. Virtual Training Company author, Dave Mercer, guides users through the Access 2003 set of powerful tools that are easy enough to learn for beginners, but sophisticated enough for the most complex developers. Mercer first covers the basics of using Access 2003, including navigating within the interface and relational database development and design principles. He then moves on to object design construction (tables, queries, forms, and reports) and more advanced features that developers can enjoy. To begin learning today, simply click on a link below.

Canon G5 Video Manual (DVD)

With a stunning combination of resolution, speed, and control, all housed in a rugged, elegant new black enclosure, the Canon G5 has taken its place as a premiere Canon camera. By combining advanced Canon digital technology, flexibility, and enough professional features to exceed the expectations of even the most discerning photographer, the Canon allows users to attain superb shooting results, consistently. This VTC tutorial covers camera operation and maintenance, principles of photography, and modes and menus. To begin learning today, simply click on a link below.

discreet 3ds max 6

VTC presents: Discreet 3ds max 6 software - the latest version of Discreet's award-winning modeling, animation, and rendering solution used by the world's top 3D professional artists and designers to create eye-catching visual effects, cutting-edge games, and unique design visualizations. VTC Author Michael Hurwicz guides you through visualization, construction and animation of your own 3D projects and characters. His expertise and easy to follow teaching style will have you creating worlds of your own in no time. To get started simply click on the links below.

Computer Basics

This VTC Computer Basics training course has been developed for the absolute beginner and is based on Microsoft Windows XP. In this course, author Kim Dreyer explains in basic terms, the components of a computer, hardware and software and how they work. She then explains the Microsoft Windows XP operating system, as well as how to manage files and folders, navigate on the Internet, and use e-mail. She recommends further courses which will assist you in learning more about the computer and specific applications. To begin learning today, simply click the links below.

Adobe LiveMotion 2.0

LiveMotion 2 from Adobe enables you to create great web graphics with interactivity, animation and sound. Web professionals are increasingly using animation to attract and engage Web audiences, but creating sophisticated animations has traditionally been time and resource-intensive. This version moves beyond basic Web animation with expanded content creation features, improved integration with Adobe's Web and dynamic media tools, and powerful new scripting capabilities. LiveMotion uses object-based editing, which keeps all attributes editable and key-framable from start to finish. Author Brian White takes you through this great application step by step in this VTC tutorial. Learn all about the tools of LiveMotion 2.0. To get started, simply click one of the topics below.