Carrara Studio 3

Carrara Studio 3 offers a complete solution for 3D modeling, animation and rendering. Available for Macintosh and Windows, Carrara Studio 3 combines the features and tools that creative professionals, educators, students and serious hobbyists find most appealing. In this Virtual Training Company tutorial, author and expert 3D animator Doug Sahlin teaches fundamentals for creating 3D scenes, modeling objects, and animations using keyframes, physics, and bones. Later chapters will teach more advanced features and concepts. To being learning today, simply click on one of the links below.

Adobe Photoshop CS

Create the highest quality images more efficiently than ever before with this powerful upgrade from Photoshop 7.0. Adobe Photoshop CS is the industry standard for image editing. It is widely used for web design, pre-press production, fine art, and digital photography. Andrew Hathaway, veteran VTC Author and Adobe Certified Expert, trains from the basics, with the assumption that user has not worked with Photoshop before. He explains basic imaging technology, masks and selections, and color correction and editing. Watch as he demonstrates powerful techniques that you can then apply within the actual application. It's so much easier than reading a bulky manual! To begin learning today, simply click one of the topics below.

Final Cut Pro 4

Whether using it for home movies shot on DV, broadcast standard uncompressed 10-bit 601 compliant, or HD video, Final Cut Pro 4 is the perfect tool for editing and exporting a wide variety of projects at virtually any resolution, or frame rate. With new features such as: scalability, advanced trimming, a multi-channel audio mixer, and support for the DVC PRO 50 broadcast format; this version allows any user to easily migrate to professional based formats. Final Cut 4 ships with four powerful complete standalone applications: LiveType, Sound Track, Compressor, and Cinema Tools, allowing users more creative possibilities than ever before. Certified Apple Trainer Nathan Haggard begins the course with lessons on capturing video and audio, importing graphics and music from CDs, following up with more advanced editing techniques: adding special effects, animating video, creating composites, and outputting video. To begin learning today, click a movie topic below.

Corel Painter 8

Corel Painter 8 is a natural media emulation tool. It allows users to create digital images and artwork that appear to be created with traditional sketch and painting tools. Painter 8 has over 400 brushes and 30 mediums to work with. The user can also create their own brushes. Experiment with life-like media such as Digital Water Color or create sketches from photographs. It's no wonder Painter is considered to be "the ultimate digital sketching tool". Join Painter Professional - Rhoda Grossman as she teaches every aspect, feature and palette of this award winning program. To begin learning today, click on a movie topic below.

Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 Fundamentals

Mark Fletcher - Certified Macromedia Professional, guides users through developing a web site with the latest version of Macromedia's leading web editor, Dreamweaver MX 2004. He demonstrates the fundamental techniques required to harness the full potential of this professional HTML/XHTML editor, enabling users to design, develop, and maintain, web sites that adhere to the latest web standards. Some of the key new features covered in this course: CSS to increase control over a web site, making it more accessible and easier to maintain; Dreamweaver's cross-browser validation feature, which ensures that no pages are using markup, or CSS not supported in certain browsers. Save time cropping, resizing and making minor changes to images with Dreamweaver's built-in Fireworks technology; copy and paste from Word and Excel documents directly into Dreamweaver while maintaining the appearance of your Office documents; edit files and change code directly on remote FTP. To begin learning today, simply click one of the links below.

Apple iMovie 3

Apple iMovie 3 is the revolutionary digital video application that allows Macintosh users to create dazzling custom movies. Virtual Training Company author David Daigrepont shows users the tools of iMovie 3 and its seemless integration with other iLife applications. Import and export digital media content from application to application, import images from iPhoto and audio from iTunes, and create scene selection menus within iDVD by creating markers within iMovie 3. Spice up your video with new visual effects such as Lens Flare, Aged Film, Letterbox, and Electricity. Bring your stills to life using the new Ken Burns pan and zoom effects. Powerful new audio controls bring users more flexible volume control on three audio tracks. iMovie 3 ships with Skywalker Sound Effects, so you can score your own brilliant creations. It's all in Apple iMovie 3 and David Daigrepont will show you how it's done. To begin learning today, click on a movie topic below.

Discreet 3ds max 5

Discreet 3ds max 5 is an extremely powerful, rich and versatile 3d modeling and animation program. In this tutorial, users will learn the fundamentals of 3ds max 5, including: modeling, animation, lighting, camera work and more. The purpose of this tutorial is to show users the basic functions of 3ds max 5 and how to apply them to 3d modeling and animation projects. By mastering the fundamental concepts and getting comfortable moving around in the program, users will be able to work more efficiently and with less trial and error, freeing them up to become more creative. This course will help users gain a solid foundation for mastering advanced concepts. To get started simply click one of the topics below.

Java: Introduction to the Java Programming Language

Java is a simple, scalable object oriented, general purpose programming language with a multitude of uses. With the power to develop everything from simple web animations to high-end business applications that program hand-held devices, microwaves, cross platform server applications and more, it's no wonder why Java is on everyone's mind. This practical "how to" course by Java expert, Arthur Griffith, starts from beginner level and uses practical examples to demonstrate the Java programming language. Source code is also provided for every example, so the user can follow right along. To get started, click one of the movie topics below.

* This title may contain code using functions that will not compile with current Java version

Oracle Database Administration Fundamentals I

This is the second in a series of courses, aimed at preparing the user for Oracle Certification Exam # 1Z0-031. This course will teach Oracle database administration fundamentals; installing Oracle, creating databases, managing objects in the database and more. This course expands on the first course offered by VTC (Introduction to Oracle SQL and PL/SQL). Following courses will include: Oracle Database Administration Fundamentals II and Oracle Database Performance Tuning. To get started, click one of the movie topics below.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2002

Microsoft PowerPoint 2002 provides a complete set of tools for creating powerful presentations. Organize and format your material easily, illustrate your points with your own images or with clip art, and even broadcast your presentations over the Web. Virtual Training Company author Curtis Simmons shows users how to get the most out of this application. In this tutorial, he explains the basics of PowerPoint, how to create and modify presentations, clip art and drawing tools, printing and packaging, and more. You can start to learn now by clicking one of the PowerPoint subjects below.

Macromedia Freehand MX

Macromedia Freehand MX is one of the most powerful, versatile and fun to use illustration programs you can buy. With Freehand MX, you can create artwork, advertisements, illustrations, logos, newsletters, text documents, charts, 3-D objects and even animations. Freehand MX works seamlessly with many other popular programs including Macromedia Fireworks, Flash and Adobe Photoshop. Powerful vector based drawing tools allow users to resize drawings without losing quality. To get started learning Freehand MX now, simply click one of the topics below.

Adobe Photoshop Advanced Artistry

Virtual Training Company author Jayse Hansen takes users through advanced aspects of Adobe Photoshop as it relates to fine art, commercial art, etc. He teaches users new advanced retouching and tone enhancement techniques. Learn subtle techniques for color correction, as well as more dramatic techniques for creating illusions intended to fool the eye. Learn to manipulate tone and create metal, stone, and porcelain skin textures with ease. Traditional photographic techniques such as creating cross-processed, chroma key, or infrared looks are all covered. To start learning today, simply click on one of the movie topics below.