Microsoft Outlook 2002

Accessing and communicating quickly and effectively in today's fast-paced world is critical. Work smarter and faster. Microsoft Outlook 2002 makes it a breeze to manage e-mail messages, tasks, contacts, and appointments all from one location. Send and receive instant messages, access Web-based e-mail accounts, and schedule meetings. Virtual Training Company author Brian Culp steps you through this powerful personal information management software. To get started, simply click on one of the topics below.


Anyone who has ever used the Internet before has used The Domain Name System (DNS). Not only is DNS used on the Internet to convert easily readable names to machine readable IP addresses, but it is widely used on almost every IP based application. Virtual Training Company author Blair Rampling explains to users the details of what DNS is, how it works, and how to work with DNS clients and servers on both Microsoft Windows and Unix platforms. Prerequisites are that users have a basic knowledge of TCP/IP, Unix, and administration of Microsoft Windows. Topics include: setting up DNS Zones and Records, using DNS with Active Directory in Windows, installing and configuring BIND 9 for Unix, DNS Security, troubleshooting DNS, and much more. Third-Party DNS Tools such as Webmin, Men and Mice QuickDNS, and Incognito DNS Commander are also discussed. To start learning today, simply click on one of the movie topics below.

Macromedia Director MX

Macromedia Director MX is the best solution for creating rich content and applications for CD/DVD-ROM, kiosks, corporate Intranets, and the Web. Virtual Training Company author Scott Doucet teaches users the power of this prodigious application. Deliver your content anywhere, both online and offline. Everyone will get a chance to view your masterpiece! Director MX allows users to build exceptionally rich content that delivers integrated interactive audio, video, vectors and bitmaps, text, fonts, and much more. Director MX fully integrates with Macromedia Flash MX, so you can fully realize the potential of both applications by combining them together. With new Lingo control over Flash MX objects, you can streamline your workflow, thus reducing development time. To begin learning, simply click one of the movie topics below!

Microsoft Access 2002

Virtual Training Company author Dave Mercer teaches database users the fundamentals of Microsoft Access 2002. Whether an advanced, or first time database user, Access 2002 delivers powerful tools for managing and analyzing data. Learn efficient database design, how to create effective tables, and the secrets of querying. Learn the logistics of datatypes and Auto-number fields. Also, learn how to create and edit reports, charts and easy-to-use Switchboard forms. All this and much more! To get started, simply click on one of the movie topics below.

eZediaMX / eZediaQTI

Virtual Training Company author Scott Doucet teaches users how to master eZediaMX / eZediaQTI. Digital business cards and educational multimedia applications are just some of the software possibilities with eZedia software. eZediaMX provides users advanced feature control of media handling, cross platform editing and playback. It's the perfect choice for creating portfolios, storyboards, business presentations, multimedia slide shows, animations and interactive CD-ROMs. Create high quality effects that surpass the basics of iMovie by using iMovie plug-ins created by eZedia. Using eZediaQTI, you can create interactive QuickTime movies for your audience. No more having to worry about messy multimedia applications. eZedia keeps it easy! To begin learning today, simply click on one of the movie topics below.

Microsoft Visual Basic .NET

Microsoft Visual Basic has evolved throughout the years, but has steadily remained one of the most popular programming languages today. Visual Basic .NET is undoubtedly the most significant change to occur to Visual Basic yet. Significant new features include: unity of programming models, extension of the program to include mobile device capabilites, Performance Counters and Server Explorer, flashy new capabilities in Windows Forms, anchoring controls, opacity and transparency properties, and much more. In this six hour tutorial, Microsoft Certified Instructor Mark Long will introduce and expand upon Microsoft Visual Basic .NET and what users can do with it. Simply click one of the topics below to start learning today!

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Microsoft ASP.NET

Microsoft ASP.NET has taken many of the best active server technologies and combined them into one powerful set of coding instructions which allow interaction between the user and the server. Today's companies and their customers rely on a back-and-forth flow of data that can be specific and more importantly, updated based on individual requests for information. Why is this important? A customer shopping at an e-store can have specific pages generated and delivered based on their shopping habits. As they continue to shop or change their habits, the information can be updated, or even updated at their request. In this seven hour tutorial, Certified Instructor Mark Long will introduce and then expand on Microsoft's ASP.NET. Simply click one of the topics below to start learning today!

AppleScript Studio

AppleScript Studio is the breakthrough technology from Apple that combines the simplicity of AppleScript with the remarkable easy-to-use features of Interface Builder and Project Builder. Your script-based applications now can look like full-fledged Aqua applications because that's what they are. You don't need to write a line of traditional code. If you're a developer using Cocoa, or Carbon, you can now add AppleScript features to your application with AppleScript Studio. With simple hooks for everything from reading and writing your own documents, to using Web services, AppleScript Studio can open new areas of easy-to-implement opportunity. With extensive code samples, this tutorial will get you up to speed quickly. Click on one of the movie topics below to start learning!

100 Ways To Get More From Your Digital Camera

Digital Photography is quickly becoming the new and most creative way to capture images without the worry & cost of film! Professional Photographer and author of "The Digital Photography Bible," Ken Milburn will teach you the most common digital camera components & the fundamentals of using your digital camera to get the best possible images. This tutorial also covers proper composition, focus, depth of field, lighting, and more. Ken will also introduce you to two of the most popular image editing programs, Photoshop 7 & Photoshop Elements. This VTC tutorial will have you shooting & editing like a pro in no time! Just click on one of the movie topics below to get started today.

Macromedia Flash MX Intermediate Developer

Macromedia Flash MX is one of the finest tools available for creating powerful websites. This Virtual Training Company tutorial is aimed at developers, those who are creating web applications and using advanced Flash MX ActionSripting in developer mode. Your instructor, Eric Hake, will guide you through the new features of the Flash MX Development tool. Timelines, shared libraries and templates will all be covered. Learn Flash MX components, such as check boxes, radio buttons, push buttons, list boxes, media controller, media sound and more. Click on a movie topic below to begin learning!


Apple Keynote provides a simple set of tools for creating powerful slide show presentations. Organize and format your slides easily and effectively. Illustrate your information with your own images, or those created with Photoshop Elements. Even broadcast your presentations via QuickTime, or with a PDF file for the Internet. Virtual Training Company author Mario Leone shows you how to utilize this application. In this six hour tutorial he explains the basics of Keynote and other software applications like Flash MX to encorporate multimedia into your presentation. You can now have that one-two punch for your business presentation. Click on a topic below to start learning today!

Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

With it's powerful WYSIWYG editor for Web designs, HTML IntelliSense and Style Sheet Editor, Visual Studio.net makes it simple for developers to create solutions spanning any Internet device. Virtual Training Company author Dave Mercer teaches developers how to harness the power of this powerful Internet application builder that allows for the targeting of operating systems and languages. Choose from a host of modernized languages and make use of the familiar syntax users of Visual Basic are familiar with, as well as the Object Oriented Programming power and inheritance features. Create and deploy server based logic. No more sifting through tedious code! Save on time and build scalable applications using reusable .NET user interfaces, databases, and server components. Click on one of the movie topics below to get started!