Virtual Training Company's "CCNA/ICND" (Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices) will prepare you for the Cisco CCNA Certification test # 640-607. This tutorial is the basis for all Network Training. Your instructor, Bill Ferguson, will cover general networking knowledge, troubleshooting of networks, and the specific Cisco, IOS and CLI interface. You will also learn about the OSI Model and the uses of hubs, bridges and switches. Local Area Networks and Wide Area Networks are covered in depth and much more. Simply click one of the movie topics below to get started!

Oracle: Introduction to Oracle SQL and PL/SQL

Virtual Training Company's Introduction to Oracle SQL and PL/SQL tutorial will cover the relational Database Model, the Oracle Architecture and the Physical database. The tutorial is aimed at programmers, and individuals who have had prior SQL and relational database experience. Gavin Powell, your instructor, will begin teaching you many Oracle tools such as the SQL Plus, SQL Plus Worksheet, and Oracle Enterprise Manager. This tutorial will explain how to maintain the Logical Database, and the difference between the Logical Database and the Physical database. You will be guided, in great detail, in the following areas: retrieving, changing, adding, and deleting data from the Database. From there, you will learn about Logical Database objects, Security, Select Statements, and much more. Introduction to Oracle SQL and PL/SQL will cover areas for the Oracle Certification course (1Z0-007). To get started, click one of the movie topics below.

Macromedia Flash MX Techniques

Virtual Training Company's Flash MX Techniques tutorial is a great way for those with a working knowledge of the software to acquire more advanced skills. Rick Martin will guide you step by step through 10 complete projects, each covering a wide range of techniques to help you become more proficient with Flash MX. These include reproducing a fading text effect and creating a sliding menu. Work through each project at your own pace. To get started, click one of the movie links below. (If you are just starting with Flash MX, try the Flash MX for Designers tutorial, ISBN#1930519532).

Macromedia Flash MX ActionScript

Author Doug Sahlin teaches you the ins and outs of Macromedia Flash MX ActionScripting. Designed to create websites or multimedia presentations for CD-ROM, Flash MX ActionScripting allows users to create exciting animated graphics while keeping a smaller file size than with conventional graphic editing methods. Learn key concepts that will make your Flash designs efficient and entertaining. If you create Flash designs for clients, adding ActionScript to your repertoire will keep you busy creating new designs for existing clients and possibly some new ones. Get started right away by clicking one of the movie topics below.

Macromedia Dreamweaver MX Advanced

This is the third in the Macromedia Dreamweaver MX series of tutorials from the Virtual Training Company. Author Mark Fletcher is a Member of Team Macromedia for Dreamweaver and a regular contributor to Macromedia DevNet; he is also a Certified Macromedia Professional. Mark shows the user how to work with CSS, add style to web pages, create page layouts, use integrated code tools, create web pages that comply with the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) and how to utilize Dreamweaver's templating tools. Mark also demonstrates the extensive integration between Macromedia Dreamweaver MX and Macromedia Contribute. To start learning, simply click one of the topics below.

Adobe FrameMaker 7

Virtual Training Company author Mario Leone teaches beginners and intermediate users how to use Adobe FrameMaker as more than just a simple word processing application. Page Designing, Equation Editing, Book Building, E-Book Building, and Web Converting are just some of the user possibilites with FrameMaker. Create graphics using the numerous graphic tools within FrameMaker for page designing. Import Microsoft Word documents and preserve formatting. Expand upon your graphical equations. Plus, no more having to worry about preserving print documents for the Web! To get started today, simply click one of the movie topics below.

Macromedia Fireworks MX

Virtual Training Company author Scott Doucet shows users how to create, edit, and animate graphics using Fireworks MX, the latest in the Macromedia MX software production line. Macromedia has designed Fireworks MX to help both the designer and programmer create engaging, attractive, and functional websites in the shortest time possible using the MX technology. It comes with the ability to import, create, and export a wide range of different file formats. Although created for Web development, Fireworks MX can be used for the creation of CD-ROMs, kiosks, and other applications.

Carrara Studio 2

Carrara Studio 2 is an exciting 3D graphics application that features tools for modeling, animation, rendering, and special effects, allowing you to create projects for the web, video, or for print. In this Virtual Training Company tutorial, Doug Sahlin will guide you through learning the tools of Carrara to create 3D scenes and objects, using the Spline, Vertex, and Metaball modelers, creating texture, rendering finished scenes, and creating and rendering animations. He begins with an introduction to the interface and the rooms of Carrara and with advice on how to plan your project. Once you are able to navigate the workspace and create objects, you will learn how to use the cameras and lighting. Some of the more advanced techniques you will learn about include creating intricate shapes, texturing your models, shading, animation techniques, animation with bones, rendering and exporting animations, and more. You will even learn to use Carrara with other software and learn where to find more resources to help optimize your use of this application. To start today, just click on one of the movie topics below.

Perl Fundamentals

Author Joshua Mostafa takes users through the versatile and powerful programming language known as PERL, a server side language whose primary duty is to handle dynamic content and service clients on the Internet. What separates PERL from other scripting languages is its flexibility. Users don't need to code in a certain way to effectively use PERL and have fun doing it. Joshua shows you what tools you need to get started in PERL and what resources to visit in order to perfect your scripting. Start learning now by clicking one of the topics below!

Maya Fundamentals

If you need a high-end 3D graphics software package for 3D effects, animation, cinematics, or game graphics, check out Maya! Maya is widely used by visual effects and animation studios, and is growing increasingly popular with game developers. This Virtual Training Company tutorial introduces you to Maya's groundbreaking tools and features. Co-authors Chuck Grieb and Roger Dickes begin showing you the tool sets and helping you to understand the structure and organization of Maya. They will introduce you to the modeling, lighting, animation, and dynamic tools available in Maya. You will learn exciting features such as adding texture, digital sculpture, and much more. To get started, just click one of the movie topics below.

ICC Color Management in Photoshop

ICC (International Color Consortium) refers to a set of universal protocols adopted by several companies to ensure that color is described and interpreted accurately and consistently. These standards are supported by major applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, and InDesign, as well as monitors, scanners, digital cameras and other hardware devices sharing the same tool set. In Virtual Training Company's ICC Color Management in Photoshop Tutorial, trainer Rita Amladi teaches you how to manage black and white and color workflows for output. She also has a whole section on ICC color workflows adopted by color professionals. Go ahead and start today by simply clicking one of the topics below.

Adobe Illustrator 10 Techniques

Virtual Training Company's Illustrator 10 Techniques is a tutorial aimed at those who want to expand their working knowledge of the application, and for those who have viewed VTC's Illustrator 10 tutorial (ISBN#1930519583). Rick Martin takes you through 10 individual projects, with each one concentrating on a different design technique available in Illustrator. He will take you step by step through each project. The projects include designing business cards, logos, graphs, a CD cover, and even a web site interface. You will learn useful techniques such as tweaking, slicing, blending, and using photo filters. To get started, simply click one of the movie links below.