Microsoft Visio 2002

If you need help creating exciting diagrams for your next presentation, Microsoft's Visio 2002 is the solution. Let Virtual Training Company instructor Pravah Pugh show you how to make Visio make your business much easier. He will help you begin a new diagram, then work you through the necessary steps to make it better. He covers the linking of shapes with connectors, working with text, creating custom reports, creating floor and site plans, and much more. Get started today! Simply click one of the topics below.

QuarkXPress 5

QuarkXPress 5 is an industry-wide standard application in the print and design world, used as a layout and typographical tool to assemble elements for use in magazine, newspaper, brochure and other types of production. New features of QuarkXPress 5 makes this version even better than before, including tables, layers, XML export, hyperlinks, spell-check, and web design tools. This Virtual Training Company tutorial contains 7 hours of step-by-step, easy to follow, highly focused QuickTime movies, covering everything from the basics of the interface and tools to more complex aspects, like creating web documents and forms. Author Vivian Garner will show you how to create style sheets and master pages, edit colors, and much more. To start learning how to work with QuarkXPress 5, simply click on one of the movie links below.

Microsoft Windows XP Fundamentals

Windows XP, the latest operating system from Microsoft, combines the compatibility of Windows 95/98 with the stability and security of Windows NT. This Virtual Training Company tutorial covers the fundamentals of Windows XP in way that can be understood even by those who have never used Windows before. Whether you are using the home or professional version, instructor Mark Virtue makes using XP easy. He begins by introducing you to the menus and their options, and then moves to the use of programs, files, and folders. He even helps you get started on the Internet, and shows you some fun things like painting and playing music and games. To get started now, simply click one of the topics below.

Paint Shop Pro 7

Paint Shop Pro 7 is a wonderful application for creating and editing images, and is great for both novices and experts designers. Linda Young is your instructor in this Virtual Training Company tutorial. She begins by familiarizing you with the basic features, such as the toolbar and browser, and the windows and controls, such as the title and menu bars and the workspace, of Paint Shop Pro 7. She will then smoothly guide you into creating new images and will explore the artist's toolbox with you. She finishes up by showing you how to work with special effects, web features, and giving you a tour of the animation shop. Start learning today! To get started now, simply click one of the topics below.

Web Publishing and Publicizing

The aim of Virtual Training Company's Web Publishing and Publicizing tutorial is to give a thorough understanding of the concepts, tools and processes involved in creating, publishing and publicizing a web site. This tutorial includes DNS hosting with a movie each for US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand audiences. It also includes techniques for getting your site found by search engines. Author Mark Virtue focuses his teaching for those who have the desire to publish a web site of reasonable complexity, but who have little experience in doing so. If this is you, get started now by clicking one of the topics below.

CompTIA Server+ Certification

Virtual Training Company's CompTIA Server+ Certification Tutorial is geared toward helping you to pass the certification test, but includes plenty of foundation material of use to both the beginner and the professional. Author Bill Ferguson's 9-hour course explains what a network is, what it does, and its components, as well as how to install, configure and upgrade a network. Start learning this valuable information right now by clicking on one of the movie links below.

Unix Shell Scripting Advanced

Virtual Training Company's Unix Shell Scripting Advanced course is recommended for the more advanced user who has a working knowledge of basic UNIX Shell operation. This course describes how to create programs using the syntax and features of the UNIX Shell, focusing on the most popular---the Bourne Shell. In this eight hour tutorial, author Mark Virtue will demonstrate techniques that will be compatible with all brands of UNIX, including LINUX. If you need a thorough understanding Unix Shell Scripting, start learning now by clicking on one of the movie links below.

Macromedia Flash 5 Techniques

As in Virtual Training Company's other "Techniques" tutorials, the Flash 5 Techniques tutorial takes the user through ten projects that concentrate on different skills needed to maximize this application. Author Rick Martin assumes you have a basic understanding of Flash 5 and goes step by step through projects like basic and advanced animated splash screens, scrolling text windows, flashing mask animation, custom cursors, advanced preloaders, and more. Start learning how to use Flash 5 to its fullest by clicking on one of the movie links below.

Quicken Deluxe 2001

Quicken Deluxe 2001 is a financial management program that can easily help simplify your life. It is a helpful tool for tracking your banking activities, researching investments, preparing tax returns, planning for the future, and tracking your spending habits. In this Virtual Training Company tutorial, Linda Young is your guide in setting up your own personal financial center where you can manage multiple bank and credit card accounts, bank online, invest online, apply for a loan, and set up reports and graphs of where your money is. Learn all of this and much more! To get started today, simply click one of the topics below.

Painter 7

Corel Painter 7 is a digital paint resource that simulates hand drawing and painting, making it the perfect tool for artists, designers, and animators. In this 12-hour Virtual Training Company tutorial, the user will learn how to maximize this natural media emulation software. Andrew Hathaway smoothly guides the user from the basics of the Painter interface, through all the tools and brushes. He goes step-by-step through layers, masks, cloning, scripts, and all the other creative outlets Painter has to offer, as well as explaining what's new and improved in Painter 7. You can start learning all this right away by clicking on one of the movie links below.

Macromedia ColdFusion

Macromedia's ColdFusion is a rapid application development platform. Through the use of a tag-based scripting language, it enables you to build and to deploy powerful web-based applications. Even if you do not have any type of programming experience, learning ColdFusion is a breeze with the help of Mike Muller. He guides you through this Virtual Training Company tutorial by taking you through the development of an actual community web site. He reviews connecting to databases with SQL, using includes and scoped variables. He also covers the user log-in process, creating "cork boards," searchable directories, "screen-scraping," and much more. Start learning now by clicking one of the topics below.

Microsoft Visual Basic for Excel

In Visual Training Company's tutorial Microsoft Visual Basic for Excel, Pravah Pugh helps you get started by going over macros, the VBA programming language, and the VBA development environment. He then teaches you about the use and creation of functions for Visual Basic for Excel and how to access and save code. You will also learn about cell referencing, labels, names and much more. To get started, simply click one of the topics below.