Appleworks 6

Appleworks 6 is the software application that's really multiple programs in one. It integrates six components- word processing, spreadsheet, database, drawing, painting, and presentation- into one software package. Appleworks 6 is geared toward the education market, making it a perfect tool for students and teachers, alike. With the help of author, Matt Neutra, users learn how to apply Appleworks to publish a newsletter, do homework, assemble a resume, organize a garage sale, or any multitude of activities. Virtual Training Company allows you to start learning right away by simply clicking on one of the topics below.

CorelDRAW! 10

CorelDRAW! 10 is the latest version of the award winning page layout and vector illustration software from Corel. The new interface and improved features simplify the design process whether users are creating for the Web or print. This tutorial, led by Brian White, teaches users how to utilize features such as bitmap creation, image editing, painting, and animation so they can create to their full potential. You can begin learning about CorelDRAW 10 immediately. Just click on the selection of your choice below.

Adobe Illustrator 9

Offering an unparalleled combination of creative freedom and productivity, Adobe Illustrator is preferred by designers, graphic artists, technical illustrators, and business professionals. In this Virtual Training Company tutorial, Rachel Caplan guides you through the basics of Illustrator 9, then leads you into the more technical territory by showing you how to modify objects, the use of gradients, scribbling and tweaking, and more. By clicking one of the subjects below, you can start the learning process right away.

Maxon Cinema 4D XL6

Cinema 4D XL 6 for the Mac and PC enables users to work seamlessly between the two platforms. This extremely fast 3D modeling, animation, and ray-tracing program allows the opportunity to work within an object-oriented and multi-threaded architecture. Join 3D expert Matt Neutra in this powerful program from Maxon Computer as he teaches you the configuration, menus, and workflow. Become more knowledgeable by clicking one of the topics below now.

QuickBooks 2000/2001

QuickBooks 2000/2001 is America's #1 selling accounting software, and with its many new features, it makes managing your business even easier. Users can complete routine tasks such as writing checks, paying bills, creating invoices, tracking funds, inventory, and POs, emailing and faxing invoices, and managing payroll. Author Linda Young guides you through the steps of configuring QuickBooks so that it will work to make your business better. Installation, registration, preparing for the Easy Step Interview, Set Up, organizing your information and troubleshooting will all be explained in this Virtual Training Company tutorial. Start learning immediately by clicking one of the subjects below.

Macromedia FreeHand 9

Macromedia FreeHand 9 is a versatile graphics application that uses vector drawing and allows you to import artwork from other sources. It is wonderful for creating ads, book covers, letterhead, and more. In this Virtual Training Company tutorial, author Vivian Garner starts slowly by acquainting you with the many tools of Freehand. She will then guide you through using layers, fills, strokes, blends, text, and even web art. See what you can learn now by clicking one of the topics below.

Macromedia Fireworks 4

Macromedia Fireworks 4 brings efficiency to Web graphics production! Let Virtual Training Company author Rick Martin show you how to create, edit, and animate Web graphics using a complete set of bitmap and vector tools. In this tutorial, he will teach you to use export controls to optimize your images, give them advanced interactivity, and export them into Macromedia Dreamweaver and other HTML editors. You will even learn how to launch and edit Fireworks graphics from inside Dreamweaver or Macromedia Flash. Get busy learning now by clicking on one of the below topics.

Microsoft Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure

This Windows 2000 Network tutorial enables users to learn the many aspects of networking with Windows 2000 products. Professor Louis DiPaola teaches you about DHCP, dynamic DNS, certificate servers, and monitoring and troubleshooting your network. As you go through this Virtual Training Company tutorial, you will become a more confident administrator. This is also a useful resource in preparing for the Microsoft exam #70-216. Start preparing now by clicking one of the subjects below.

Macromedia Flash 5

Macromedia Flash 5 is the key to designing and delivering low-bandwidth animations, presentations, and Web sites. It offers scripting capabilities and server-side connectivity for creating engaging applications, Web interfaces, and training courses. Once you've created your content, 96% of the online audience will be able to view it with the Macromedia Flash Player. Virtual Training Company author Rick Martin guides you step-by-step through projects in order to show you how to set up a Flash web site, how to create a preloader, how to create an interface and content, and much more. Start learning now by clicking one of the links below.

Professional Desktop Publishing on the PC

Professional Desktop Publishing for the PC teaches the user to integrate three of the most popular desktop publishing titles: CorelDRAW, Adobe PhotoShop, and Adobe PageMaker. In addition to teaching the necessary terminology and the differences between the software applications, Virtual Training Company author Brian White also simplifies the processes of designing business cards, letterhead and envelopes, magazine and newspaper ads, and logos in this tutorial. See what you can learn by clicking one of the links below.

Cleaner Pro 5

Cleaner Pro is the best way to put streaming video and audio on your web site. Recognized as the world-standard, Cleaner Pro 5 is a complete camera-to-web streaming solution. Cleaner Pro 5 is all you need to capture, author, encode and publish the highest-quality streaming media in all formats -- QuickTime, RealSystem, Windows Media, MP3, MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and more -- at all connection speeds. Virtual Training Company author David Bigelow will show you how to get the most out of this application during this 3-hour tutorial. Just click below to get started.

Final Cut Pro 1.2.5 Advanced

Virtual Training Company's Final Cut Pro Advanced tutorial is a more in-depth look at Apple's non-linear editing application. This tutorial is for those who have a working knowledge of Final Cut Pro and have completed at least one editing project from beginning to end, and especially those who have taken the first VTC Final Cut Pro tutorial. Author James Monohan expands on topics covered in the first FCP tutorial, such as importing audio. He guides you through more specialized topics and covers new information, such as working with reference movies. You can begin learning now by clicking one of the topics below.