Macromedia Dreamweaver 4 Fundamentals

Macromedia Dreamweaver 4 is a professional HTML editor for the design and management of web sites. It has everything you need to develop a web site. Mark Fletcher authors these VTC tutorials and helps you to a better understanding of the fundamentals of Dreamweaver 4. He will guide you through planning and creating a site, setting up a document, adding text and graphics, and even managing your site. You can begin tapping into his wealth of knowledge by clicking one of the subjects below.

Macromedia Director 8

Macromedia Director 8 enables you to develop magnetic destination content and interactive media on the Web, CDs and DVDs and corporate Intranets. Build dazzling 3D entertainment, interactive product demonstrations and online learning applications. Director 8 unleashes your creativity by providing you with the tools that allow you to combine graphics, sound, animation, text, and video into compelling content that will grab your audience. Let author Scott Doucet give you the knowledge necessary to use these tools. He will make it so much easier for you to create, import, animate, and control media. You can begin learning with Virtual Training Company's tutorial now by clicking one of the subjects below.

Microsoft Visual Basic for Access

Microsoft Visual Basic for Access is actually the language that is part of Microsoft applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. In this Virtual Training Company tutorial, author Mike Haines explains VBA in the context of Access. He teaches you the concept of event programming, code control structures, variables and constants, and much more. Start becoming familiar with VBA now by clicking one of the links below.

Adobe Photoshop 6

Adobe Photoshop 6.0 is the world standard image editing solution. It is widely used for web design, prepress production, fine art, and digital photography as well. Virtual Training Company's tutorial offers an incredible thirteen hours of training. Author Andrew Hathaway begins training with the assumption that users have never worked with Photoshop or any other digital image editor. He explains how the entire tool set works, basic imaging technology, masks and selections, and color correction and editing. Watch his computer screen as he instructs you, then apply what you are learning by trying it within the actual application. It's so much easier than reading a bulky manual! Try it now by clicking one of the topics below.

Microsoft Windows 2000 Directory Services

New to Microsoft Windows 2000, Active Directory Services allows you to keep track of all objects on your network. With it's open standards, upward scalability, and ease of use, it is a must for the organized network. This Virtual Training Company tutorial is an excellent resource for preparing for the Microsoft Certification Exam #70-217. Professor Louis DiPaola will help you gain the necessary knowledge to configure, work, and understand Active Directory Services. He will teach you about the design and tools, as well as user and group administration, profiles, security templates, integration, and much more. You can start learning right away by clicking one of the topics below.

Microsoft Windows 2000 Server

Microsoft Windows 2000 Server is a wonderful operating system. It has a very secure platform, both locally and on the Internet, a user-friendly interface that is similar to Windows 98, Plug and Play capabilities that can be used without the worry of configuration, and an excellent search function. This Virtual Training Company tutorial is a wonderful resource in preparing for the Microsoft Certification Exam #70-215. Professor Louis DiPaola begins by guiding you through the installation process. He then moves on to system configuration, networking, remote access and much more. You can begin learning now by clicking one of the subjects below.

Microsoft Outlook 2000

Microsoft Outlook 2000 is somewhat like an electronic diary, for either personal or business use. Use Outlook to keep track of daily or weekly tasks, to remind you of important meetings or other events, to send emails, and to store contact information of clients or friends. Virtual Training Company's tutorial will provide you with the knowledge you need. After introducing the interface, author Zoe Barnett will explain how to use the many aspects of Outlook to help get or keep you organized. She will show you how to make appointments, invite others to a meeting, delegate tasks, create journal entries, and more. Learn how now by clicking a topic that interests you below.


In this Virtual Training Company tutorial, author and musician Phil Slade will walk you through MIDI/Vision DSP. From explaining basic MIDI configuration to guiding you through integrating multiple layered tracks into a final sequence, he will take the mystery out of MIDI and digital recording. You can begin learning now by clicking one of the topics below.

Netware 5 Admin (Novell)

Unmatched performance, security, and reliability, Novell NetWare 5 has the tools needed for today's e-business and web-based network solutions. Open architecture standards allow fast, secure integration. Join Professor Louis DiPaola as he shows you the "nuts and bolts" of this system software. He will give useful knowledge such as how to manage users, file system security, login scripts, and the user console. You can begin learning immediately by clicking one of the subjects below.

Microsoft Visual Basic 6 Advanced

Microsoft Visual Basic 6 is a versatile language, usable for business applications, database interface, gaming applications, and even for presentations. In Virtual Training Company's Visual Basic 6 Advanced tutorial, Professor Arthur Lee will take your Visual Basic skills to the next level by showing you multiple form projects, code for multiple forms, sequential forms, and much more. Begin to expand your knowledge of Visual Basic now by clicking on one of the topics below.

Final Cut Pro 1.2.5

Final Cut Pro is Apple's application for making video editing simple and effective. It is a non-linear application that integrates well with Adobe PhotoShop and is full of professional editing features. Virtual Training Company author David Bigelow will show you how to configure Final Cut Pro 1.2.5 for editing videos and will give a detailed explanation of all the tabs and buttons you will encounter. With over 8 hours of in-depth instruction, this tutorial will train you faster than any book. Go ahead and get started by clicking one of the subjects below.

Adobe LiveMotion

Adobe LiveMotion is a wonderful application to use for Internet and Web design. It enables you to create great web graphics with interactivity, animation and sound. LiveMotion uses object-based editing, which keeps all attributes editable and key-framable from start to finish. Author Mark Fletcher takes you through this great application step by step in Virtual Training Company's tutorial. Learn all about the tools of LiveMotion, as well as integration, advanced animation, Photoshop filters, and much more. To get started, simply click one of the topics below.