QuarkXPress 3.3

QuarkXPress is a key application to learn, since it is an industry-wide standard application in the print and design world. Quark is used as a layout and typographical tool to assemble elements for use in magazine, newspaper, brochure and other types of production. Damienne FitzPatrick has years of experience training companies in the use of this software. In this 8-hour tutorial, she takes you from the basics of QuarkXPress 3.3, like the Tool Palette and Items, to more complicated segments such as laying out a document and master pages and templates. Virtual Training Company lets you begin learning right away, too, by simply clicking below on the section of your choice.

Macromedia Director 5.0

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Adobe Photoshop 3.0

Adobe Photoshop is a world standard image-editing solution, widely used for web design, prepress production, fine art, as well as digital photography. Learn how to use Photoshop 3 in this Virtual Training Company tutorial. Rita Amladi will start by familiarizing you the basics, including the different tools available and navigation. You will also learn how to manipulate color, masking, filters, and much more in this tutorial. To get started, simply click one of the topics below.