Adobe Contribute CS5 Free First Three Lessons

Contribute is an excellent piece of software that allows you to maintain and update a website or blog very easily and efficiently. This VTC course will provide information for all types of Contribute users in a step-by-step format. Authors will learn how to review and edit elements within sites and blogs with a simple editor. Administrators will learn how they can control access to a variety of areas on the website and therefore make sites remain stable and usable for the public. Author Melanie Hedgespeth will demonstrate how to access and convert a variety of file types, such as Microsoft Office files and PDFs. In this course, she will really show you how to fully utilize Contribute so that you can have a site that is collaborative and update to date with text, graphics, video, flash, and much more! Work files are included. Simply click on the movie links to get started!

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Adobe Contribute CS5
Total Video Time : 8
Movie Count : 133
Language : english
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