Adobe Photoshop Advanced Artistry II Free First Three Lessons

Adobe Photoshop Advanced Artistry II, is a course designed for professional designers and photographers who use Adobe Photoshop CS2. The course is designed to showcase cutting-edge creative techniques in many artistic disciplines such as digital imaging, color correction and manipulation, photo retouching, advanced production techniques and other popular graphic effects. This practical step-by-step tutorial by certified Photoshop Trainer Rita Amladi, is guaranteed to raise your knowledge level, and it will inspire you to apply these successful techniques in your own projects right away. In addition, several "Mini-Tutorials" shed light on key concepts and tools covered in each section. An entire section is devoted to teaching you about color management, which will ensure that you get the best possible results on screen and when printed. Work files are provided. To begin learning more, simply click on one of the Adobe Photoshop Advanced Artistry II movie links.

* Please note that onOne Software, Inc. has provided a 10% discount on downloads to VTC customers (both CD and Online users), on any of the Edge Effects used in this tutorial. PictureQuest has also provided free low-res images and a 10% discount on downloads to VTC customers, who want to upgrade to the high-res images used in this tutorial.

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Adobe Photoshop Advanced Artistry II
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