Adobe Photoshop Special FX Free First Three Lessons

Adobe Photoshop is the world-standard image-editing solution for print and the web. Virtual Training Company's Photoshop Special F/X tutorial is targeted at the intermediate to advanced user with a minimum of 60 hours experience, who has taken a 16-hour class, or, ideally, someone who has viewed roughly 70% of the VTC Photoshop tutorial (ISBN # 1930519206). Expert author Rita Amladi teaches over 9 hours of advanced aspects of this application, including color corrections, removing glares and distractions, shadow play, and many other advanced tips and tricks to add to your knowledge of Photoshop. Go ahead and get started by clicking on any of the topics below.

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Adobe Photoshop Special FX
Total Video Time : 9.5
Movie Count : 63
Language : english
Short : photoshopfx 33088
Tags: Adobe, Photoshop
Views : 286

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