AutoCAD 2005 for Architects Free First Three Lessons

AutoCAD 2005 for Architects builds upon the previous title, AutoCAD 2004 for Architects. It is intended for intermediate to advanced users who want to take full advantage of AutoCAD in an architectural environment. This tutorial will guide the user to more advanced 2D features of AutoCAD and basic 3D concepts. VTC author, Ivanhoe Tejeda, begins the tutorial by creating working drawings for a single family residence before moving on to create a 3D model of the home. The tutorial will also introduce Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop software, useful in the creation of color presentations. To being learning today, simply click on one of the AutoCAD 2005 for Architects lessons.

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AutoCAD 2005 for Architects
Total Video Time : 8.5
Movie Count : 103
Language : english
Short : autocad2005 33620
Tags: AutoCAD, 2005
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