Autodesk Maya 2011 Free First Three Lessons

This training series looks at the multiple tools within Maya 2011 and an example of how to use them. Maya is a vast program that covers a great amount of workflows from 3D modeling to full blown animation, but it's the tools that bind you and your imagination to the program. This training helps new artists who have never used Maya all the way up to the Maya pros. Also included are some workflows that take you through the steps necessary to create a fully textured model within the software. So sit back and enjoy the one program everyone that has ever played video games wanted to learn. To begin learning Maya 2012 today, simply click on the movie links.

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Autodesk Maya 2011
Total Video Time : 11.5
Movie Count : 171
Language : english
Short : maya2011 34158
Tags: Autodesk, Maya
Views : 196

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