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Carrara Studio 2 is an exciting 3D graphics application that features tools for modeling, animation, rendering, and special effects, allowing you to create projects for the web, video, or for print. In this Virtual Training Company tutorial, Doug Sahlin will guide you through learning the tools of Carrara to create 3D scenes and objects, using the Spline, Vertex, and Metaball modelers, creating texture, rendering finished scenes, and creating and rendering animations. He begins with an introduction to the interface and the rooms of Carrara and with advice on how to plan your project. Once you are able to navigate the workspace and create objects, you will learn how to use the cameras and lighting. Some of the more advanced techniques you will learn about include creating intricate shapes, texturing your models, shading, animation techniques, animation with bones, rendering and exporting animations, and more. You will even learn to use Carrara with other software and learn where to find more resources to help optimize your use of this application. To start today, just click on one of the movie topics below.

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Carrara Studio 2
Total Video Time : 7
Movie Count : 155
Language : english
Short : carrara 33406
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