CorelDRAW! 8 Free First Three Lessons

CorelDRAW! 8 is a great page layout and vector illustration, simplifying the design process for users creating for the Web or for print. This Virtual Training Company tutorial, led by Brian White, will start with the basics of CorelDRAW, covering all the menus and toolbars, and how to get started with a new graphic. Learn how to use the drawing tools, create artistic text, copy and arrange objects, apply outlines, and more. You will even learn how to work with special effects, such as blending, bevels, drop shadows, and power clips. To get started, just click one of the topics below.

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CorelDRAW! 8
Total Video Time : 7.5
Movie Count : 188
Language : english
Short : corel8 33071
Tags: CorelDRAW, 8
Views : 400

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