Email In-depth W/ Outlook Express 5/6 Free First Three Lessons

Need to know more about email? Try Virtual Training Company's tutorial Email In-Depth with Outlook Express. Nan Price will show you all you need to know to set up your own personal mailroom. Not only will she guide you through sending and receiving mail, but she will also help you learn how to include pictures, documents, and videos, and even how to send a fax through email. Learn how to set up multiple identities, create individual folders, and how to personalize your emails by using stationary. This tutorial is especially great for those new to computers or email. To get started, click on one of the topics below.

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Email In-depth W/ Outlook Express 5/6
Total Video Time : 2.5
Movie Count : 77
Language : english
Short : email 33306
Tags: Email, In
Views : 153

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