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FL Studio 8 is no longer the fringe audio workstation that it once was. With version 8, it continues to mature into a true competitor for such applications as Cubase, Sonar, and even Pro Tools. Its ability to work with audio and MIDI in both a linear and looping environment is unique among software applications. In this VTC course, author Sam McGuire helps FL Studio users navigate the FL Studio application, while still providing tips and tricks that the experienced user will find useful. The course is based on work flows you would find in the real world and not simply a list of definitions of tools and functions. Using FL Studio to create music is the goal, and this tutorial helps users create a seamless and transparent environment. Continuing on the FL Studio 7 course, this new material is designed to sharpen your skills and provide the means to be a master user of the software. Work Files are included. To begin learning FL Studio 8 today, simply click on one of the movie links.

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FL Studio 8
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