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FileMaker Pro is a powerful and useful application that takes the headache out of keeping your business databases organized. Virtual Training Company's FileMaker Pro Scripting tutorial is perfect for gaining a more in-depth understanding of the actual use of scripts in real-world situations. It is highly recommended that you complete Virtual Training Company's FileMaker Pro 3/4 (ISBN#1889347450) or 5 (ISBN #1889347876) so that you will have a basic knowledge of File Maker and will be familiar with scripts and calculations. Author David Bylund gives a brief review of the fundamentals, then dives into specific scripts of the databases and their functions. The lessons are a series of interrelated databases so that you can see the big picture and how all the scripts fit together. Click one of the chapter headings below to start learning how to make FileMaker meet your needs.

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FileMaker Pro Scripting
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