Google SketchUp Pro 8 Free First Three Lessons

SketchUp 8 is the latest version of the massively popular 3D modeling package from Google. The Pro version of SketchUp adds many valuable features for the professional user including advanced importers and exporters, Dynamic Component authoring, Style Builder, and Layout to the already outstanding tools found in the free version. This course is designed to spotlight the new features in version 8 and extensively cover the Pro version features. Author and artist Jason Maranto puts a particular emphasis on designing compelling user interactions with Dynamic Components and creating page layouts using your SketchUp models in Layout. This easy-to-follow course will really help you to maximize SketchUp Pro's potential. Work files are included. Get started now by clicking the links below!

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Google SketchUp Pro 8
Total Video Time : 8.5
Movie Count : 99
Language : english
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Tags: Google, SketchUp
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