Intermediate Oracle 11g Free First Three Lessons

This Intermediate VTC course expands on the Introduction to Oracle 11g course. It gives you a more detailed grass roots knowledge of Oracle SQL and Oracle PL/SQL. Author and expert Gavin Powell covers a wide range of topics including many types of queries, expressions, and statements. He also explores sequences, synonyms, views, materialized views, user access and security, working with indexes, and the basics of programming with PL/SQL. As with the introductory course, this intermediate course is not focused on Oracle Certification but will give you a good start towards some more advanced aspects of coding SQL and PL/SQL. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.

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Intermediate Oracle 11g
Total Video Time : 10.5
Movie Count : 123
Language : english
Short : oracle11gint 34361
Tags: Intermediate, Oracle
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