Lightwave 3D Advanced Modeling Free First Three Lessons

VTC author, Frank Maturi teaches users advanced concepts of Lightwave 3D Modeling. He begins by demonstrating how to set up a Modeler interface, while detailing general and display options, units, layouts, backdrops, and viewports. He then shows users how to find blueprints and reference images from the Web, use Photoshop for blueprint preparation, set up background templates within Modeler, and use tools to create splines. Work files are also included with the tutorial. To begin learning today, simpy click on one of the Lightwave 3D Advanced Modeling lessons.

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Lightwave 3D Advanced Modeling
Total Video Time : 5.5
Movie Count : 72
Language : english
Short : lightwave3dadvmod 33617
Tags: Lightwave, 3D
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