MOTU Digital Performer 6 Free First Three Lessons

Digital Performer 6 is a powerful digital audio workstation that has a comprehensive set of digital audio and MIDI sequencing tools. From powerful recording and editing tools, to an industry standard MIDI sequencing, DP 6 is widely recognized as one of the top music creation tools for film scoring. Instead of simply taking you through the manual, course author Sam McGuire presents three typical workflows with accompanying work files so you can work along side the tutorials. Whether you are a first time user, or a simply brushing up on the current version, you will find straightforward explanations and practical instruction that are aimed at a variety of skill levels. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.

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MOTU Digital Performer 6
Total Video Time : 7
Movie Count : 91
Language : english
Short : dp6 33990
Tags: MOTU, Digital
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