Macromedia Authorware Attain 4/5 Free First Three Lessons

Macromedia Authorware is one of the leading visual tools for creating web and online learning applications. It allows training developers, instructional designers, and subject matter experts to develop learning applications that they can track and deploy over the Web, across LANs, and with CD-ROM. Scott Doucet will make all of this seem as easy as pie in Virtual Training Company's 6-hour Authorware Attain 4/5 tutorial. He will tell you how set up your piece, package your file, and will teach you all about various types of icons. Go ahead and start learning now by selecting any of the topics below.

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Macromedia Authorware Attain 4/5
Total Video Time : 6
Movie Count : 52
Language : english
Short : authorware 33099
Tags: Macromedia, Authorware
Views : 81

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