Macromedia Director MX Free First Three Lessons

Macromedia Director MX is the best solution for creating rich content and applications for CD/DVD-ROM, kiosks, corporate Intranets, and the Web. Virtual Training Company author Scott Doucet teaches users the power of this prodigious application. Deliver your content anywhere, both online and offline. Everyone will get a chance to view your masterpiece! Director MX allows users to build exceptionally rich content that delivers integrated interactive audio, video, vectors and bitmaps, text, fonts, and much more. Director MX fully integrates with Macromedia Flash MX, so you can fully realize the potential of both applications by combining them together. With new Lingo control over Flash MX objects, you can streamline your workflow, thus reducing development time. To begin learning, simply click one of the movie topics below!

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Macromedia Director MX
Total Video Time : 9
Movie Count : 133
Language : english
Short : directormx 33442
Tags: Macromedia, Director
Views : 203

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