MasterClass! - Joomla! Template Editing Free First Three Lessons

In this VTC MasterClass! Melanie Hedgespeth will show you how to begin editing Joomla! templates. By learning the basics of html and css, you can start making Joomla! templates to fit unique needs. Joomla! contains specific files for templates that you will learn how to read and fully understand in order to become more adept at Joomla! editing. With this course, learn how to customize colors, logos, page dividers, backgrounds, links, headings, and much more. Work files are included.

* VTC MasterClass! courses are available only to registered VTC Online University members.

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MasterClass! - Joomla! Template Editing
Total Video Time : 2
Movie Count : 37
Language : english
Short : mc.joomlatemplates 34050
Tags: MasterClass, Joomla
Views : 228

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