Metacreations Painter 5 Tech Free First Three Lessons

Painter 5 is a digital painting resource that simulates hand drawing and painting. Painter 5 is the perfect tool for artists, designers, and animators. Aimed at those already fairly experienced with Painter 5, this Virtual Training Company tutorial is full of tips and techniques to help you increase your knowledge of Painter 5. Author Steve Campbell teaches you techniques that will spark your creativity, such as GIF and Pulse animation, casting shadows, building brushes and many other exciting and creative capabilities beyond the basics of Painter 5. Start learning some of the more fun aspects now by clicking below on a topic of your choice.

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Metacreations Painter 5 Tech
Total Video Time : 6.5
Movie Count : 58
Language : english
Short : paintech 33069
Tags: Metacreations, Painter
Views : 201

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