MySQL 5 Development (Part 1) Free First Three Lessons

As with any significant software product, MySQL is a broad subject for study and there is a lot we must know to be able to use it effectively. David Swain's MySQL 5 Development Part 1 course for VTC is the first in a training series intended to provide a solid foundation on which to build MySQL mastery. In this introductory course, we learn a number of non-destructive, read-only techniques for retrieving data from a MySQL database, as well as some useful history and practical background information about MySQL. We focus on statement and expression syntax and "why" those elements are written in a specific way. Further study exercises are provided for many of the hands-on lessons. Click the movie links below to get started now!

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MySQL 5 Development (Part 1)
Total Video Time : 11
Movie Count : 129
Language : english
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