MySQL 5 Development (Part 2) Free First Three Lessons

This MySQL 5 Development Part 2 course continues the introduction to MySQL we began with Part 1. But in Part 2, we now begin working with commands that are used to change the contents of the tables in our database. We also explore various ways of building more complex queries, including command options that allow us to address more than one table in a single command. While this is still an introductory course, we are now exploring tools that let us handle more complex operations and build more sophistication into our MySQL database systems. The topics we cover in Part 2 include inserting/updating/deleting data, subqueries, joins, transactions, table and row locking, stored procedures and functions, triggers and events, indexes, and more. We have tried to keep the examples in the lessons as simple as possible to illustrate them most effectively, but the further study exercises are more realistic as to how these tools are used in practice. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.

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MySQL 5 Development (Part 2)
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