Paint Shop Pro 7 Free First Three Lessons

Paint Shop Pro 7 is a wonderful application for creating and editing images, and is great for both novices and experts designers. Linda Young is your instructor in this Virtual Training Company tutorial. She begins by familiarizing you with the basic features, such as the toolbar and browser, and the windows and controls, such as the title and menu bars and the workspace, of Paint Shop Pro 7. She will then smoothly guide you into creating new images and will explore the artist's toolbox with you. She finishes up by showing you how to work with special effects, web features, and giving you a tour of the animation shop. Start learning today! To get started now, simply click one of the topics below.

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Paint Shop Pro 7
Total Video Time : 8
Movie Count : 155
Language : english
Short : PSPro7 33299
Tags: Paint, Shop
Views : 209

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