Pixologic ZBrush 4 Free First Three Lessons

ZBrush 4 builds on the already massively popular core features of ZBrush to add many powerful new sculpting and painting features and several new time-saving plugins. The main theme of this new release from Pixologic is hard surface sculpting using new features like the clipping, planar, trim, and polish brushes. Taught in a comprehensive but easy-to-follow manner by successful artist Jason Maranto, this course will give you a rock solid foundation on which to build your ZBrush projects. Primarily focusing on workflow concepts and tools for integrating ZBrush into your existing pipeline, this unique series is designed to remove the intimidation of the ZBrush user interface and unleash its power for both new and established 3D artists alike. Get started now by clicking the movie links below!

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Pixologic ZBrush 4
Total Video Time : 8.5
Movie Count : 83
Language : english
Short : zbrush4 34244
Tags: Pixologic, ZBrush
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