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Poser 7 is one of the most preeminent figure posing and animation pieces of software available. An important asset to have in any serious 3D creator's 3D toolbox, Poser 7 files can be imported into popular 3D programs like Maya, Lightwave, Vue and Carrara, making figure and animal animation much easier. Thanks to the new environmental/image-based-lighting (IBL), and Talk Designer, levels of realism are now easier than ever to quickly achieve. This tutorial, authored by Mark Bremmer, was created with both the 3D beginner and seasoned commercial user in mind. Hobbyists and professionals alike will learn how to quickly integrate Poser 7 into a production pipeline and streamline workflow to efficiently and effectively create content for multimedia presentations. Work files are included. To begin learning today, simply click on one of the Poser 7 movie links.

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Poser 7
Total Video Time : 10
Movie Count : 100
Language : english
Short : poser7 33830
Tags: Poser, 7
Views : 499

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