QuickStart! - Adobe Fireworks CS6 Free First Three Lessons

Jump into the world of web graphics and design with VTC's QuickStart! - Adobe Fireworks CS6 course. Join award-winning trainer Geoff Blake as he takes you through a full design process in Fireworks CS6, beginning with a scratch-built wireframe structure. Once the structure is placed and organized, you will learn how to apply design to the structure, making use of colors, text formatting, imported content from Illustrator and Photoshop, and even special effects. Then you'll see how to slice it apart for output, how to set image optimization settings, and how to have Fireworks write all the necessary HTML and CSS. Finally, you will find out about a new feature in Fireworks CS6: exporting CSS Sprite Sheets! To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.

* VTC QuickStart! and MasterClass! courses are available only to registered VTC Online University members.

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QuickStart! - Adobe Fireworks CS6
Total Video Time : 2.5
Movie Count : 29
Language : english
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