QuickStart! - Adobe Premiere CS5.5 Free First Three Lessons

This VTC QuickStart! course introduces you to the new features that were added to the recent update of Adobe's Premiere Pro CS5 to its half incremental release Premiere Pro CS5.5. The goal of this course is to contrast working methods that have been improved, or at least have changed, between CS5 and CS5.5. The course not only examines improvements such as keyframing and merging clips, the improved Adobe Media Encoder, and new film effects, but it also also looks at the integration of Premiere Pro CS5.5 with Adobe Story and Adobe Audition CS5.5. By using the provided HD-shot film clips, the user will be able to work along with author Mark Struthers as he illuminates the new features while highlighting tips and tricks along the way.

* VTC QuickStart! and MasterClass! courses are available only to registered VTC Online University members.

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QuickStart! - Adobe Premiere CS5.5
Total Video Time : 2.5
Movie Count : 26
Language : english
Short : qs.premierecs5.5 34240
Tags: QuickStart, Adobe
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