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Steinberg Wavelab 7 is a professionally featured audio editor and mastering suite that also includes the option to create podcasts. It enjoys a fantastic reputation not only with professionals, but also with enthusiasts because of its simple and elegant user interface. Aimed at new and experienced users, this course walks through the program requirements while looking at the user interface and its many new features including the Switcher, Workspaces, Master Section Effects, and Tool Windows. By working with provided audio files, the course demonstrates implementing effects and works toward using the Audio Montage feature that allows Wavelab to act in a similar way to an audio sequencer. Along the way, Wavelab's visual analysis tools are scrutinized as they help the user sculpt their audio recordings. Additionally, the course looks at how to convert audio files into Red Book standard CDs and finishes with a look at the Podcasting workspace that has now become an integral aspect of Wavelab 7. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.

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Steinberg WaveLab 7
Total Video Time : 8
Movie Count : 94
Language : english
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