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Virtual Training Company author Scott Doucet teaches users how to master eZediaMX / eZediaQTI. Digital business cards and educational multimedia applications are just some of the software possibilities with eZedia software. eZediaMX provides users advanced feature control of media handling, cross platform editing and playback. It's the perfect choice for creating portfolios, storyboards, business presentations, multimedia slide shows, animations and interactive CD-ROMs. Create high quality effects that surpass the basics of iMovie by using iMovie plug-ins created by eZedia. Using eZediaQTI, you can create interactive QuickTime movies for your audience. No more having to worry about messy multimedia applications. eZedia keeps it easy! To begin learning today, simply click on one of the movie topics below.

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eZediaMX / eZediaQTI
Total Video Time : 4
Movie Count : 63
Language : english
Short : ezedia 33434
Tags: eZediaMX, eZediaQTI
Views : 166

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