Keep on Coding

How to become a better web developer


The most important part of coding is planning, and having a strategy of the different pieces you need to create with the code.  There have been times when I've created applications only to realize that there may be a better quicker more efficient ways to perform the functionality that I desire.  Good planning saves time, and makes it easier to build applications.   Start our by breaking apart all the functionality you will need in pieces.  Take it piece by piece.  Knowing to code only gives you the tools, to create the bricks.   Those bricks are the pieces of code that you put together to build something great.   Piece by piece and having a plan like a blueprint will get you there.   

Code Snippets

The more applications you build the more you realize that code is a collection of snippets neatly connected together to perform many different functions.  Building a library of code you can use and reuse helps for future development projects.   Google is biggest repo for code snippets, you can find almost any piece of code for any purpose.   One of my favorite resources is   Another great idea is to setup your own code library.  Code you use often, build it so it can be reused.  You can store it locally or as a repo on sites like The code itself is something that can be googled, so if you get stuck with a piece and need a code snippet to perform a function that's a good way to go.  The more code snippets you build up as a repository the quicker you can build future apps.   You can use sources like bitbucket to store code snippets. 


Always try to challenge yourself, find new ways to do the same thing but better.  Developing applications is about providing more efficient ways to do things.   Its never ending and as you grow with development you need to challenge yourself.  This improves how you develop applications, and builds new skills.

Clean Coding

Keep the code clean, readable and reusable.  Clean code is something you will be thankful for when you need to revisit it down the line.   Also other developers will be grateful.   Getting into the practice of creating nice readable easy to use code is an excellent way to write code.

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