AJAX API exercises JavaScript Trivia web application

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Explore how to use a web API to make an AJAX request for data.  Retrieve the response data and make use of it to build a mini trivia game using JavaScript.

This fun exercise is designed to help students practice using AJAX, JSON and JavaScript to explore fun ways to use APIs.   AJAX allows web developers a way to make http requests in the background to help improve the web users experience by providing a seamless way to load new data and update the page elements.

Learn and see how you too can build web based applications.

Source code is included to get you started quickly so you can jump right in and create your own version of the application.  Extend and expand on the code provided adding in your own additions to make the application even better.

Taught by an instructor with many years of web development experience, ready to help you learn.

Fast and friendly advice is always available within the Q&A section.

Please note there are prerequisites to this course, beginner level JavaScript knowledge is required as well as HTML and CSS.   This course is perfect for those students who want to practice JavaScript and AJAX.

Course provides an opportunity to see step by step build of an application using AJAX to get JSON data into a web page.  Learn by seeing how the application is build and how to make use of AJAX to quickly create useful applications.  

What are you waiting for?  Join now and see what you can build with JavaScript and AJAX.

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