Learn Vue 1 JS introduction to simple reactive JavaScript

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Welcome to using Vuejs

This course is an introduction to using Vuejs which is a JavaScript library that provide easy to use reactive technology.  Its the perfect starting point for more complex frameworks such as Angular.  

Learn to create reactive JavaScript applications. 

Vuejs lets you use you data effectively binding data to the DOM and using it within HTML elements.  

Vuejs is flexible, simple and easy to use.   You will be amazed at what you can do with Vuejs and how easy it is.   Its similar to angularjs but much much easier to get the hang of.  Use Vuejs to bind data to the DOM and sync to create reactive effects.  Once binding is setup the DOM keeps data and elements in sync.  

  • Course covers an introduction on how to get started with Vuejs
  • How to add vuejs to your web application.
  • Creating a vue instance
  • Data binding with Vue
  • Working with Lists
  • Adding events
  • Filters and components
  • Default Vue Directives that perform cool stuff right out of the box
  • Vuejs source code included.

Reactive technology is in demand, it makes web applications more functional.  This course will get you started creating your own reactive applications.  Start binding your data and create amazing effects for your application users.  Lets get started today.

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