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WordPress Setup Install Guide Setting up a website

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Setup Your own Website in Minutes with Wordpress No coding and easy to get starting Total control of own website
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Learn how you can setup your own website within minutes no coding required.

By the end of this course you will have the skills needed to create your own website and know your options for getting up and running online.

Its easy to get started and has many benefits

  1. Its completely free to use, since its an open source project anyone can use it openly and freely.

  2. Simple to setup and get started. User friendly that almost anyone can jump in and start creating websites right away.

  3. It comes with an awesome easy to use and understand backend dashboard to control the website. This is a powerful tool which allows you to completely control your website and even customize it.

  4. Thousands of plugins, widgets and themes. Easy to add in custom plugin to add features and functionality

  5. Because its so widely used there are a lot of resources. There are also hundreds of volunteers and contributors working on improvements and providing constant updates

  6. You can manage and update your own website without the need to involve a web developer.

  7. Huge internet community that can support Wordpress. If you have a question there are many places to go for help. Also if you need coding done, there are plenty of wordpress developers that can help.

  8. Wordpress is W3C standard compliant so you dont have to worry about how your website is coded.

  9. Wordpress is SEO ready to rank on Search engines. Modern website design should always consider being Search Engine Friendly, most traffic comes from search and having an out of the box solution that handles SEO is extremely useful.

  10. Wordpress allows you to migrate data, you can easily import and export your data to other platforms if needed. You control your content and you can choose what platform to use. You are not tied to Wordpress once you create your website. The choice is yours.

  11. Social Connections within wordpress allows you to easily share content on social media

I firmly believe that if you want a website, and your not interested in coding Wordpress is the best solution.

Learn to create your own website, I'm ready to help. Get started creating your own website today.