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Applications today have become sophisticated to an extent that a Help system is required for an average user to understand them. Macromedia RoboHelp is the fastest, easiest way to create professional Help systems and documentation for desktop and web-based applications, including .NET and Rich Internet Applications. Create Help systems that include Help topics, Table of Contents, Index, Glossary, context-sensitive Help, and more. Generate Help systems in any popular online Help format, plus press-ready printed documentation. VTC author, Eric Butow, teaches users the various types of projects that can be created using RoboHelp, component and design requirements for creating a fully functional Help system, how to convert an HTML Help project into different Help formats from a single source, and much, much more! To begin learning Macromedia RoboHelp X5 today, simply click on one of the movie links below.

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Macromedia RoboHelp X5
Total Video Time : 5
Movie Count : 110
Language : english
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