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  1. Web Design - Modern HTML and CSS for creating Web Pages 9+ Hours of HD Video  https://skl.sh/2CpznBq
  2. Google Apps - GMail Increase your Email productivity https://skl.sh/3g4sgwI
  3. Apps Script Web App FUN API and JSON Data Spreadsheet https://skl.sh/3gawW4l
  4. API Quiz Game - JavaScript Project using Google Sheet Data https://skl.sh/2VuToNB
  5. 2020 AJAX API JSON Connect to JSON data using AJAX webpage https://skl.sh/3eMETwc
  6. Google Script How to Update Google Sheet data from a web App https://skl.sh/2BTwSa8
  7. Getting started with Web Development https://skl.sh/388MEu6
  8. Web developer Resources https://skl.sh/2YN0KhP
  9. Expand your skills as a web developer https://skl.sh/2VvgV14
  10. PHP Basics Getting Started https://skl.sh/2YGoiEU
  11. PHP in action https://skl.sh/3eWgRPL
  12. Explore JavaScript Beginners Guide to Coding JavaScript https://skl.sh/3dFwI3H
  13. Rapid Website Design with Bootstrap Laurence Svekis https://skl.sh/2YJeAS1
  14. AJAX connection to MySQL PHP API https://skl.sh/2VqOxgj
  15. Get to know HTML Learn HTML Basics https://skl.sh/3dJE5qD
  16. Learn jQuery AJAX in 1 hour https://skl.sh/3idw2pD
  17. Bootstrap Migrating from previous versions https://skl.sh/3dJ0bcX
  18. Learn JSON with JavaScript Objects and APIs in 1 hour https://skl.sh/3iaMmr3
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