Google Script application Connecting to Twitter API and more

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Do you want to be able to connect to the Twitter API, search a term and have the results pulled directly into your Google Spreadsheet?  Or even automate a listening system to pull regular data from Twitter into a spreadsheet?  Search any term on Twitter and return the results......

Learn how to build an application within Google Sheets to search tweets from Twitter and pull them directly into your spreadsheet.

Google Script Twitter Listener!!!  This is an in demand application that you can build using Google Script to listen and pull Tweet Objects on a regular trigger.  Its easier than you think to make you own social media listening app which builds a spreadsheet full of tweet data automatically.  This is something that I setup for a client and now I'm sharing the source code and how to set it up with you within this course.  Yes source code is 

In this course we show you how to build this fully function application, source code is included!

Use Google Script to easily build amazing applications that can power up your work!

Increase the power of your favorite Google apps — like Docs, Drive, Gmail, and Sheets.  Apps Script lets you do more with Google. All on a JavaScript like platform located in the cloud, making it easy and familiar to write the code and collaborative to share the code.  Make apps in the cloud that can DO MORE than you could ever imagine with just a few lines of code.

This course will teach you how to build applications that can use built in Google Script Classes and Methods to connect your script with advanced powerful functionality.  

If you know JavaScript you can jump right in and start creating web apps connecting all of your Google application together.   Automate your work you will be amazed at how easy it is to work with Apps Script.

JavaScript is a prerequisite to this course!

Course Lessons will demonstrate how to use Google Script

  • Learn what Google script is and how to write code with it
  • Learn about fetching URL data
  • Connect to APIs and retrieve response data directly into your spreadsheet
  • Connect to the Github API
  • Create a Google Doc with just one line of code 
  • Send emails to via GmailApp
  • Setup up automation with Triggers 
  • Link to other Google apps 
  • GET and POST data to an API
  • Scrape webpage source code into a Google Spreadsheet

Building a Twitter Listener using Google Script

  • Find out about Authenticating your Google Script to the Twitter API
  • Learn about Connecting your Google Sheet with Twitter Data
  • Experience using JSON response data and outputting it into your Google Spreadsheet
  • Explore Setting up a Twitter search popup window
  • Find out about Setting up automation with Triggers
  • Learn how to Debug Tweak and improve your code

Source Code is included for all the applications built within this course!

Taught by an instructor with over 18 years of web development experience.  I'm here to help you learn about Google Scripts and ready to answer any questions you might have.

If you have been looking for a way to track Twitter data or want to learn more about using Google Script this course is for you.  Its a one of a kind course online with source code for a fully functional application included!!!!

You will be amazed at what you can do with Google Scripts, join now to start creating your own applications today.

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