JSON Checklist Practice Exercise Learn JSON

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Learn to use JSON within your application.

JSON is the most common format for data transfer between programming languages online today.  Learning to use JSON and how to manipulate the data, make use of the data is essential for any web developer.  This course will help you learn more about data simulate how a project is built from start to finish.  

***** Please note there are prerequisites to this course such as JavaScript and HTML!   *****

****** JavaScript and HTML will only be covered as necessary and the course is not designed to teach all aspects of JavaScript only those relating to using JSON data as JavaScript objects.

The scope of the course is focused strictly on JSON and working with JavaScript objects.  We guide you through building and use of simple JSON structured data, and then rebuild the JSON structure to make the data more flexible.

This course is designed to get you more familiar with JSON how you can get the object data and use it within your JavaScript.  Your instructor will complete each step of the process with you, on screen with source code provided.

You'll learn how to:

  • Structure information in JSON format
  • What JSON is and how to use it within JavaScript
  • How to loop through data
  • How to Output the JSON data contents into your HTML
  • How to rethink your data structure to be more dynamic and versitile
  • Build dynamic elements in JavaScript that have event listeners
  • Update your HTML using JavaScript
  • Save a JavaScript object as JSON 
  • Convert a string to a JavaScript Object and then back again
  • Get data via HTTP XML request object

Practice JSON and enjoy building out this task list from scratch -  source code is included to get you started quickly

You'll get friendly support in the Q&A area!

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Perfect course to learn more about JSON and have an opportunity to practice with full explanation.  

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