Google Apps Script Emailer PDF maker from Doc Template

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JavaScript is a prerequisite to this course !!!!!!!! The course demonstrates Applying Google Apps Script to create a time saving micro application making use of GSuite apps connected together to produce amazing functionality.

Source Code is included

Do you need to send a bunch of custom PDFs to a group of email recipients - of course you already have it listed in a Google Spreadsheet.   Wouldn't it be nice if this could be done with a simple script.  You're in luck!

  1. Create a spreadsheet list out the first name, last name and email of the person.

  2. Create a Google Doc which can be used as a template with firstname lastname and data fields

Now the fun part - coding with Google Apps Script.

  1. Use Google Apps Script to list all the data from the spreadsheet

  2. Loop through the data populating the fields into new Google Doc created by Apps Script

  3. Create a PDF from the Google Doc - Save to your drive if you want!

  4. Send out the new PDF from the template with populated fields from the spreadsheet to the emails listed in the Spreadsheet

  5. Thats it all done with a simple Google Script.

Google Apps Script is a cloud based JavaScript Language that lets you power up your Gsuite and do some unbelievable things - saving you time.  Like magic - great to amaze your coworkers :)

Taught by an instructor with many years of REAL World web development - Google Developer Expert!!!

Please note that this is a project based course and is fast paced focused on the project that is outlined in this description.

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